January can be done now… But still…

fit-just-go-runRough!  I got WAY spoiled last year!  I pitched a no hitter all year and didn’t miss one workout due to injury or illness.  But this year has started off… well… crappy (pun intended).  I have already missed more workouts due to injury/illness in the last 3 weeks than I did ALL LAST YEAR.  Tummy bug (pretty sure it was Ebola… just sayin’), Dizzy, insomnia, head cold and now a rolled ankle.  I should be somewhere between 30-40 miles a week and be at about 16 miles for a long run, but, unfortunately… not so much.  I’ve missed 2 long runs and the Ebola week was a whopping 7 miles.

Am I worried about it?

No… Not really.  But it’s my blog so I can bitch about it.

My big event of the spring is in May, so I have plenty of time.  And, honestly, I just want to finish it.  I don’t care about time.  I’m already looking at getting back on my bike a bit and maybe just doing duathlons this year, since there is an option for a duathlon at Club Nationals.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get back in the pool… meh.

In the past, this kind of a start to the year would have completely derailed me and sent me into a panic.  I would have already canceled the marathon, given up completely and crawled back into a beer bottle to wait out the spring thaw.  But time and experience has really mellowed me.  Yes, I’m serious about my training, but shit happens (that’s 2… how many more can I get in…?).  Life, work, injuries… If you play the game, you are going to have to learn to deal with it.  I certainly don’t get paid for this.  I’m doing it for fun.  If what you do for stress relief just stresses you out…?  You got issues.

I think that’s kind of why I backed off of triathlons.  Too much crap (3) to deal with.  My car smelled like part bike shop and part fermented gym bag for 9 months.  I’m not organized enough for that.  I finally just made a schedule that just said where I was supposed to be at that time.  I kept all my stuff in the car and just pulled out what I needed when I got there.  I “looked” prepared for anything. I was “actually” just too tired, confused and lazy to clean out the car…

I think I’m more concerned with over training now.  That was actually my first thought when all the sickies and injuries started.  I had just come off of a couple of CRAZY weeks where I ran 80+ miles a week.  I thought maybe I just weakened my system a bit.  But listening to everybody talk about the bugs and flus going around, I think it was just my turn.  The rolled ankle… I was due for.  Haven’t had one in a while so I probably deserved it.  When I did it I didn’t even miss a step.  It only started hurting when I stopped.  That was 2 days ago and it’s fine now.  No swelling, a little stiff when I get up but fine after I walk on it a bit.  Injuries will come.  I know this.  And I know the harder I push and the more I’m “out there” participating in life, the more susceptible I am to them.  Challenge accepted.  I just have to make sure that it’s not because I’m doing too much, too fast.  Slowly build, enjoy the miles, embrace the suck that is Missouri in winter and celebrate the fact that old guys like me can still run 26 miles (or farther) without stopping… unless we want to.  All depends on what they are serving at the aid station…

Footnote: Ran the ROC Challenge this weekend.  A 7K trail race (the scene of the ankle turning crime).  In looking at the finish stats I found some things interesting.  First, they switched up the divisions and went to a 10 year age group.  I finished 4th in my age group at 48.  The top 3 were 40, 41, and 43.  Had there been a 45-49 age group I would have won it.  Had I been competing in the 50-59 age group I would have taken 3rd!

This is the cool part…  I finished 10th overall.  Yes, that’s cool, but not that cool.  The REALLY cool part was that SIX of the top 10 places went to guys over 40 (40, 41, 43, 48, 51, 55!).  It just gives me hope that I can continue to do this at a pretty high level for a long time to come… 🙂


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