Vitamin D and car exhaust (Spring time!)

Hey!  Look at the time!  Where did the last 2 weeks go?  Isn’t it amazing how when the weather warms up and I get to go out and play more… I don’t spend NEAR as much time in here talking about it?

I spent the majority of the last two weeks purposefully overtraining.  I know that sounds crazy but I was suffering from a severe underlying case of cabin fever and a clinical lack of vitamin D (sunlight).  Once the weather improved just enough for me to get on my bike again I lost my mind.  Two to three workouts a day.  I WANTED to get a sunburn.  I couldn’t smell enough fresh air (albeit full of car exhaust from a bike lane) and one bike or another has moved into the back of my car, which is beginning to get that gamey, “triathlete’s car” smell again.

…bring it.

I am, however, preparing for my first triathlon since October of 2012.  The TriZou triathlon on the campus of the University of Missouri… this weekend.  Therefore I am attempting to taper or at least rest for this week.  So, just when I get all fired up and I’m ready to go crazy, I have to back off.  Probably the best thing that could happen to me.

But just to make sure I got mine before I had to back off, I put in almost 20 miles combined road and trail running last weekend.  Why?  It was pretty outside…

I know I need to settle down a little bit but jeeze!  Lemme celebrate a little!  I have energy, drive, dedication and I’m as light or lighter than I have been since the womb (ok… maybe not that long.  Second grade or so…).  It only took me 47 years to get here.  Let me enjoy it!

My “rest” week started off yesterday with a huge failure.  I wanted to do about 1500 in the pool and go home.  2200 yards and an hour spin class later…

Today was better.  My 4 mile run only went 4 miles.  AND (this was the hard part), I controlled the tempo.  I wanted to run mile 1 at 9:30 (actual 8:56), the second mile at 7:30 (actual 7:15) and the last two at 9:30 (actual 9:33).

We will see how the rest of the week goes…

I’m not sure how the race will go.  My PR for this event is 1:19:00 ish.  I think I’m a little faster in the pool, MAYBE as fast on the bike and a little faster on the run, but we’ll see.  I don’t feel ready.  But it’s just a race.  I’ll go hard and have fun.  I will probably swim with the 8:00 minute group.  This is really just a re-introduction to the sport.  I will call it a success if I remember all my gear and can find my bike in transition… 🙂

On the “what’s new” front, we did start doing speed work at the track again.  It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.  Which is either because I controlled myself and didn’t go out too hard or because I’m in a little better shape than the last time I did speed work… 3 years ago…  Our speed work is a little different in that we don’t do anything shorter than 200 yards and very few efforts faster than mile pace.  Anything over 600 yards is done at 5K pace… plus a little 🙂  Total “hard effort” distance is only about 2 miles (with a mile warm up and a mile cool down for a total of 4 miles).  I love these workouts because they are intense and just barely aerobic.  They make you run different and think about every step.  They force you to pay attention to form and effort.  A habit that is easily lost to the monotony of a 10 mile run.  I hope everybody that has come out so far stays with it and we get new people too.  But even if I’m alone out there, I will definitely keep doing them.  They are just great workouts.

And, finally, in a sure sign that hell is actually thawing back out… We will be starting open water swims back up next week (after TriZou).  The water is still cool and definitely wetsuit required, but I can’t wait.  Which is weird for me…


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