A problem of excesses

Entrepreneur-Focus-300x240This is the part where I get to stomp my feet and complain.  The sad part is I’m complaining because I have too many options.  Total first world problem here.  I have too many options for workouts.  I can’t do them all (the science is impossible… being in two places at the same time, etc.) but I don’t want to choose.

I have fought hard and complained often about the excess of workouts.  Between the triathlon club, ultrarunners club, bike clubs and local track club, there can be upwards of 20 workouts a week of some sort.  Mix all that in with the fact that I am trying desperately to STICK TO A PLAN (and the fact that I have very little capability to say “NO”), and I am either exhausted from doing 2-3 workouts a day or grumpy because I missed one… on most days.  I have tried to work with the leaders of said workouts to not overlap so much because I feel it dilutes the pool.  I would rather have fewer, bigger group workouts than 5 at the same time on the same day with 3 people in them (none of whom run my pace).  But, alas, there has never been, nor will there probably ever be, a federated list that we stick to.  And if you are thinking that I am bitching about a good thing… you are probably right.

I actually run a couple of workouts for the club myself.  A Friday/Sunday open water swim and I’m starting up a track workout.  Inevitably, someone will plan something over the top of one of these during the summer and irritate the hell out of me, but there is not much to do.  I even moved the historical starting time of the track workout from evening to morning just to avoid the 2 other workouts that are already at that time during the summer.  OK… that and 6am is usually a LOT cooler a time to be on a track.  Selfishly, I suppose, doing this workout at 6am also allows ME to do one of the other workouts in the evening.

Now there is a trail run series that I would love to do.  I would SUCK at it.  But who cares?  It’s great exercise and it’s in the woods, which I’m finding I favor more and more.  But it’s at the same damn time as a very popular group bike ride that I love to do.  And I really NEED the bike miles more than I WANT the trails.

And you know the best part about all this?  There IS no solution!  And it’s all because this town and area is LOADED with great, active clubs that offer lots of workouts for all ability levels.  There are also great gyms in town that offer classes at reasonable times.  AND there are great bike and running shops that have their own rides, clubs, races and sponsor events as well.

The reality, though, is I do need to stay focused.  I need to stick to my plan and avoid adding in too many extra workouts.  While they may be fun, they also lead to overtraining.  And whether accidental or on purpose, overtraining is dangerous and could easily ruin all of my positive gains with an injury.  Nope.  I gotta stay focused.  Somewhere in this blog I wrote down a training plan and I need to stick to it.  Once Sunday gets here and I do my final weigh in for the biggest loser, the serious training for sprint and olympic distance triathlons starts.  As much as I want to play… I need to put that off until after Chicago.  Then, if I live that long, I can go crazy from there!

Yup.  Sux to be me.  Here’s hoping I get to bitch about this for many years to come.


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