Goldfish files

You notice things when you are on a 45 minute continuous swim in a 25 yard pool…  Things like… I have a very slow stroke compared to everybody else in the pool.  When I passed or was passed by someone today, they usually had a furiously fast and high stroke count.  And I wondered.  Who was doing it right?  Me or them…?  Do I need to increase my stroke count?

goldfishI also noticed little things like there is a tile missing from the far end wall.  I seemed to find it just about every lap with my little toe.  And that the clock on the wall is 3 minutes off of the lap clock.  And I wondered where the lifeguard had been walking in bare feet because the bottoms of them were dirty.  And that I seem to have developed the habit of getting to the end of a lap and dragging my fingernails up the wall to the pool deck for no other reason than it makes a neat noise.

And I noticed and wondered all of this simply to keep me from going BAT SHIT CRAZY WHILE SWIMMING 45 MINUTES CONTINUOUSLY IN A 25 YARD POOL!!!!   GAHH!!!!

That was painful.  Mentally and emotionally.

Physically it felt great.

Had it not been for the fact that the lake still had ice in it yesterday as the temperature hit 80…

…I’ll let that sink in…

…I would have put on my wetsuit and jumped in.  I’m really tired of smelling like chlorine.  And did I mention the pool is only 25 FRICKIN YARDS?  …like a goldfish doing laps in his bowl.

Ran into my first real “fat guy losing weight” problem today.  I had to stop halfway through my first lap and cinch up my shorts because they were really loose and headed to the bottom quickly!  Might be time to look into a smaller size…  Last I checked, the city frowned on “clothing optional” lap swims at their facilities… and besides, I’m not that pretty on a good day…

Not that this losing thing (losing weight, not losing shorts) is bad.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I know the hard part starts after the Biggest Loser competition is over because I lose that accountability, but it feels different this time.  Like I finally might get how the whole thing works.  I would really like to hit Chicago at 170 or less.  And as the season starts and the days get longer and warmer, hopefully those bigger workouts will help.  I have a lot of friends doing an Ironman race this summer and if I can tag along with them for some long stuff that will help.  But the big thing is maintaining my regimen of pushaways and putitdowns.  Being honest about portions and staying away from beer.  That has help as much or more than any workouts I have done so far.  And at some point, my training plan will diverge from their long workouts and have to focus on faster, more intense workouts since my races are short.  But for a while I can follow along until they drop me and then go do hill repeats someplace as punishment.  I’m so excited!


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