Race report and weight loss update

Between work and workouts,  I haven’t posted much lately.  I knew that would happen from time to time.  But, here’s a race report!  …and some other stuff.

AdventureMax 10K Race


10K of hills and fire roads.  The weather was cold but dry.  Temp was about 30.  Very little wind.  Cloudy.  This is always a well run event.  It’s always a bit small, mostly due to the fact that it’s an early season event.  And a long one at that.  Most people aren’t in 10K shape, much less for the half marathon at this time of year.


The 10K and half marathon start out at the same time.  The course is set in the confines of Innsbrook resort.  A little gem of a property resort about 50 miles west of St Louis.  Nestled in the hills and trees of east central Missouri, it is full of lakes, hills, fire roads, hills, trees… and hills.

This is the toughest course I have ever run.  After the first 3/4 mile, there is never more than 1/4 mile of flat ground.  You are either going REALLY up or REALLY down.  We probably crossed 5 dams and EACH was bracketed by a hill.  I LOVE this course.  Pansies need not enter.

My race:

I got to the site on race day and was one of the first 5 in the parking lot.  I got my packet and trotted back to my car.  Too cold to mingle and they didn’t have the fire pit up and going yet.  So I sat in my car and debated what to wear.  I brought everything in my closet.  I finally settled on medium weight everything and this was about as good a choice as I could make.  I did put on a wind layer and a long sleeved shirt (only) and that was the right combo to keep the wind out but keep me warm.

I got out of my car and warmed up for a mile or so past the stables and corrals.  Pretty place!  I thought I had timed it better to get back to the start as the gun went off but I was a few minutes early, which was just enough time to get cold.  I was really glad the announcer kept the witty banter to a minimum and just let us go.

The first 3/4 mile s flat on a dirt trail and all the runners are on it at the same time.  Made me glad we didn’t have more runners because it got a little tight in spots.  Since it has been AGES since I ran a 10K I just tried to push the pace the whole way and back off just before I blew up.  This worked on all but one hill and I had to really back it down to get my heart rate under 500, but I recovered quickly.  I knew I was running pretty well as I kept the leaders in sight most of the way through the first 2 miles.  The fun was over at the 3/4 mile mark when we went up the first of 6 significant climbs (more than 1/4 mile each).  Again, I just pushed the pace as much as I could.  WE split from the 1/2 marathoners around mile 2-3 and then I was alone.  I got passed once in mile 3, passed 3 people, and that was it.  I could see the leaders until about this point and then the course started to wind up, down and around the fire roads.  I had one man and one woman in front of me and I just kept an eye on them.  The man faded around mile 4 and I passed him.  The woman faded about this time and I passed her on an up.  She then jumped in behind me and followed me for a while, then re-passed me.  I stuck with her the rest of the race.  As we came down to the finish, I could have kicked hard and passed her, but why?  We weren’t battling for age group or position.  If I had sprinted I might have taken 30 seconds off, but who cares?  I was having FUN.  I just caught her and asked if we could run it in together.  She was happy to come along and we finished at the same time.

My knees barked at me on the downhills more than the ups. But the pain was tolerable.  I really wish it would go away, but as long as Advil dulls the pain, I’m fine.  I ended up 10th overall in the race but funny enough, only got 4th in my age group.  Figures.  Still, I was very pleased to run 8:20 miles for that race.  Pretty strong for that course, this early.  I didn’t stick around to get my fourth place medal… 🙂  I just packed it in and went home.

In other news, I’m down to 183 pounds!  That’s 33 pounds during biggest loser and 39 pounds since December 19.  I’m trying to keep this positive and not be mad at myself for GAINING that weight in the first place… so I will just say I feel pretty good right now!  We have 3 weeks (ish) to go in the biggest loser competition and I REALLY want to get below 180.  If I can be in the 175-180 range by the first of April, that will be a HUGE win for me.  Personally, I could really care less who “wins” the BL competition.  Anybody that loses weight wins.  My goal was to try to lose 36 pounds.  I’m 3 pounds away from that and I have until April 6th.  I’m not going to change anything about the way I’m working out, eating or anything else.  The “Make good choices 1 second at a time” philosophy is working.

…but, MAN… would it be cool to finish up biggest loser in the 170s…


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