The “plan”

confusing-road-sign-large-web-viewI REEEEEEAAAALLLLY don’t want to make “the plan”.  I’m having too much fun just stretching out my mileages again.  But I know, eventually, I will have to.  I think I’ve got about a month left to build my base back up again, but by the looks of my workouts, unless I’m going to attempt another Half Ironman this year… I’m kinda already there.  I am almost double my run and swim max for Olympic distance events…

So.  Now what…?  I’m not used to being here until April (or worse).

I guess the first thing I need to do is decide what to DO this year.  I’ve been going through and considering events, but I don’t have a “plan” or an “A” race.  Maybe Club Nationals in Chicago, but I still don’t know what race.  It appears from the website as if both races (Sprint and Oly) start at the same time?  If so, that means I’m only doing one race.  Not a bad thing.  Just a thing.  There is a “Supersprint” on Saturday that might be fun.  But it doesn’t look like there is a Half option.

All of this pondering occurred while I was spinning on Sunday.  Mostly just to keep from passing out (I ran 5 at Rock Bridge in the morning… big mistake).  After my debacle at Oklahoma and then my trouble last year, I doubted myself at half Iron distance (remember those “hurdles”?).  Would I ever do another Half Ironman?  Three months ago I would have said no.  But now, things have changed.  The answer is yes, but only under certain conditions.  First, I have GOT to be at my ultimate goal weight of 170 or less.  This is a hard, fast rule.  If I’m not there by June, I’m out.  There are lots of shorter races.  Second, it has to be a destination race.  I’m not going to do a half in Kansas (or the like).  All that distance and all that ugly at the same time will surely rip my soul apart.  Nope, I want mountains, ocean, big city, great scenery and/or a tough course.  Around Lake Hefner and down the roughest roads in Oklahoma county…?  No offense, but I grew up there.  No thanks.  Especially in 90 degree heat.

So what I’m really saying is I’m definitely doing races this year.  And going as far as I can reasonably go given my state of fitness.  Oly’s for sure and MAYBE a half, but only if I make weight, and it’s a cool race.

Now, about the weight thing.  To make weight by June I need to lose 31 pounds.  That is just short of 2 pounds per week.  Definitely reasonable.  I would like to do it faster than that, but I didn’t put it on that fast so I can’t expect more than a pound or two a week and that only if I work hard.

I like the longer workouts because they burn more calories, but I also know I need more intensity.  Joe Company (our spin instructor/trainer/all around great guy) was talking about intervals and intensity vs. distance.  I agree completely with what he was saying and part of my training “plan” is to add more speed work and interval training in to some of my workouts.  I even experimented with this in the pool yesterday.  Joe talked about a couple of different techniques for adding intensity to a bike trainer set and then mentioned and demonstrated an interval training technique called Tabata.  In a nutshell, if 1 is standing still and 5 is Redline, you set your pace at a 4 (race pace) and then go 20 seconds at 4, then 10 seconds at 5, then recover at 4, then back up to 5.  Repeat this 8 times for a set.  It will make you see stars.  I tried it in the pool and just swam a half lap at 4, then the other half at 5.  I could only make it 4 repeats before I was hugging the wall, trying not to barf.  I think adding some of this in will be good.  In a sadistic, sick sort of way.

I also want to start up speed work again.  We used to do track workouts that were awesome.  We do hill repeats and speed work (sort of) on the bike in the summer, but we never do hill repeats or speed work on our runs as a club.  I need more variety.  Of course it will probably mean riding and running alone more…  When given the option between running a tough hill repeat workout or taking ANOTHER group ride around Big Tree, the Big Tree ride usually wins… 🙂

I really like taking it offroad too.  Mountain biking and trail running are just different.  But still crazy fun workouts.  You don’t have to be good at them.  They just make you use different muscles, help with balance and coordination and, most importantly, get you off the road!

Now…  How the hell do I cram all of THAT into a “plan”?  I have so much work to do…




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