Something besides swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run…?

You know what I miss?  Training options…

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know I identified myself as a training “purist” in my last post.  But what I mean is, when we moved from California I didn’t realize there were a few options I took for granted that I was no longer able to do.

In historic posts I talked about stretching myself too thin and having too many hobbies.  At one point I was running, playing tennis, softball, roller hockey and mountain biking.  That’s a little bit over the top, and it was also PK (pre kids) and I had the extra time because my wife and I worked different schedules.  Now I have to be careful not to take up too much time with my one (three) sport lifestyle.

What I mean by “taking for granted” is that when you can write down almost the exact days it will rain, it never snows, and you can plan your summer picnics 9 months in advance with confidence, it’s much easier to cross train.  Also, the beach trails in SoCal are made of concrete (for the most part) and most are many miles long so it’s easy to get a good skate in or a long run pretty much any time.  A great deal more planning goes into weather and exercise in CoMo, and there are some times when it’s just downright crazy to exercise.  I draw the line at negative temps or windchills, or active warnings for t-storms, etc.  I think that’s reasonable.  However, with the unpredictability and residual effects of the weather here, it makes it more important to be flexible.

quebec-inline-skating-zephyr-adventuresNot that I want to get back into an overwhelming and time consuming number of choices, but the point of this post is I would like to have few more options sometimes…  This all started when some friends posted about going cross country skiing today.  This is a fantastic workout, even if you suck at it.  And the trails here are perfect for it.  Long, flat and reasonably untouched in bad weather.  There are always a few runs that appear on the sides of the trail when it snows and I would love to jump on and go.  Just to do something different.  I also still have my distance racing rollerblades.  I found out a couple of years ago that they are actually way out of date (bigger wheels are king now), but that doesn’t matter.  Distance/speed skating is a blast and amazing exercise.  But I can’t find a place around here that is big/smooth enough to do it without great personal risk.  We have an outdoor roller hockey rink very close and this is also great exercise, but short tracking makes me feel like a hamster on a wheel and I am not interested in investing in hockey gear again.  That chapter is closed.  And, perhaps most unfortunately, mountain biking is hit and miss around here.  The trails are either closed or impassable (or should be… people… please stay the hell off the trails when they are bad.  You are tearing them up), frequently for days after a rain/snow.

I’m not interested in the CrossFit or Barre crazes.  I’m not interested in those types of exercise because the LAST thing I need right now is to bulk up and ANY lifting I do, even body weight, seems to put muscle on long before I see the benefits of weight loss.  Having big guns is great, if that’s what you want.  I don’t.  And I want to supplement current training.  Not replace it.  You can’t do those types of workouts once or twice a month.  You have to commit to at least once or twice a week or you are so sore you miss regular workouts!  …OK.  At least I do… 🙂

I’m not bitching.  Honestly I’m not.  And I’m not making excuses either.  I’m just thinking about other options to cross train again or do something different again.  When you get locked in to “swim/bike/run” you tend to get lost in the minutia of shaving minutes and repetition.  When you jump to something else, like mountain biking or skating, etc. it takes you out of that element.  You really have to focus on basics (self preservation being at the top of that list…!).  Instead of spinning and aerodynamics on a road bike, you think about stomping through a hard section or balance on a mountain bike.  I, personally, really need that.  A great workout without all the obsessing.  Who wouldn’t want that.

So I guess I’m looking.  For places and people who do these things.  Or others forms of aerobic exercise I might be interested in.  And not “seriously”.  Just for recreation and fitness.  There is nothing worse than getting dropped in the parking lot on a mountain bike “group ride”.  I could have ridden by myself on my own.  I didn’t need you to organize and invite me to a hammerfest in order to get humiliated and ride on my own anyway.

I dunno.  I’m thinking about setting up the cones at the skating rink and doing some speed skating just for the hell of it.  It’s an amazing leg workout.  I have no idea what condition the surface is in but it’s worth a shot.

I’m also wondering what else is out there for aerobic exercise.  That preferably doesn’t involve a huge outlay to get started…?


One Response to Something besides swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run…?

  1. Kathy says:

    Not a consistently available option for you obviously, but next time you visit Danny and Heather, bring your skates and visit the river trails. Fairly flat and you can get a few miles from either side.


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