Lights out!

Huh… Whaddya know… regular exercise, moderate portions and no beer = 10lb weight loss.

What is this sorcery?  What dark magic is responsible for this…?

oh, wait… It’s actually just common sense…  Damn.  I thought I was on to something.

And oddly enough, it’s already getting easier to get up and down the stairs, pick up socks… and button my pants.


But never fear, my Biggest Loser teammates!  Ol’ Bob’s still got plenty to give.  And honestly, if by the time the competition starts (January 6) I’m already down 20 pounds, I will STILL have plenty to give.  So don’t give up on your ringer yet.  I’m still packing an extra keg or two.   We got this.

One of my favorite kinds of  “are you crazy?” runs is a full moon run.  If conditions are right or there is not much cover, they are quite possibly the most spectacular runs you can do.  We also used to do full moon rides on our mountain bikes in SoCal back in the day.  No lights!  The trails were through brush and open hillsides so it was easy to see and after your eyes adjusted to the light, it was incredible.  Same with running.  It feels weird at first and you don’t want to trust your footing, but once you get used to the shadows, it’s awesome.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be SLOW for a while.  This won’t be measured in months, but rather pounds.  The more I lose, the faster I run.  And the faster I lose… the faster I… run… fast?  Something like that anyway…  But I have worked myself into such a deficit that I just have to accept slow.  I hate it because I see people pass me that I used to run with (or was faster than) and I have to just let them go.  That’s hard.  But I’m trying to keep it light and playful as much as I can so this morning on the 5:30 am run, on the snowpacked trail (not on the roads though), in the dark, once everyone had passed me and I was once again alone (as usual), I turned off my headlamp.  With the cover gone off the trees and a couple inches of snow on the ground to reflect the light, it was brilliant!  Not one misstep or turned ankle.  No slips.  No trips.  Just a slow, steady jog through the early morning.

I am still having difficulty with hills.  Less because of my knees now than just my weight and general lack of fitness.  Either way, too many of them right now is not a wise thing.  So the route took us out the flat trail and then up a pretty good hill, then down a long gradual hill, then up a couple of shorter, tougher hills, then down a really steep hill… you get my point.  It finishes up a tough hill to a short hill to a down hill.  But by the time I got to the bottom of the steep hill, having had to run on the snowpacked sidewalk to avoid the icy bike lane… my knees, calves, lungs, pride and most likely my soul were done with hills.  You can wimp out at the bottom of the hill and cut back to the trail.  It cuts off about a half mile from the run but also cuts out the big hill.  I gleefully punched my own wimp card and turned back to the trail.  Since I was alone, I went lights out again for most of the rest of the run.  As I got closer to the lake that the trail goes around, I started to hear what sounded like conversation.  I thought I was being followed so I looked, but no one was there.  I realized when I got to the lake that I was actually hearing the early morning stirrings of HUNDREDS of Canada Geese on the lake.  I could just make out the masses of  bodies in the pre dawn light.  It’s a common thing around here to see geese.  They are everywhere.  But to see a wild flock this big and know I’m probably the only one that has seen them (at least this morning), was pretty cool.  They grumped at me as I huffed and puffed past, but didn’t spook.  It was neat to see.

Once I got back on the trail I flipped my light back on and suffered through the rest of the run.  Five miles is a long way for me right now… 😉  I almost cut through the marsh just to get some more full moon time, but I’ll save that for next month.  I had forgotten how much fun that is… 🙂

I have a class to teach in Mexico, MO today and a webinar to watch tomorrow and then I’m essentially on vacation until next year.  With warmer temps predicted for the next 3 days, I’m looking to be outside as much as I can in the muck that will surely ensue from the snowmelt.  With the rumored snowpocalypse headed for us this weekend, I better get as much in as I can.  Most reports say 3-6 inches but if the doomsday reports are right we could get up to 20 inches.  I may have a sled run to build…!



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