Triathlons and Mud Runs and Trail Runs… Oh My!

OK… This stomach flu stuff is free to go.  Anytime… No, really.

Well, I made a big first step today.  Since I couldn’t get out of my driveway (snow), I spent some quality time on the interwebs researching triathlons and other events for 2014.  Something I haven’t done in over a year…

I learned that they are:

  1. Still expensive
  2. Seem to be filling up with mud runs, glow runs, color runs and other crap I’m not interested in… at least at this point.
  3. Causing a conflict between my fitness level (how far I can go) and my brain (how far I THINK I can go)… Remember… Listen to the body, not the brain.
  4. Scattered among WAY more event providers than before.
  5. Intimidating as hell.  But that’s not new 🙂

Still, I must admit it’s good to feel that anxious excitement and little adrenaline rush when I think about lining up again.  I always loved that feeling.

I still don’t have any firm candidates.  There are some new ones I’m interested in.  Trail runs and the like.  There are some old ones like the KC Tri that I have TRIED to participate in several times and gotten chased off of by weather, and then there is always that XTERRA I always wanted to do.  I would still like to see one of those someplace in Missouri.  The six hour drive is more intimidating than the race is…

I’m thinking March is a good time frame to really start targeting for a “race”.  Until then I may dabble in the free, local races and a 5K or two, but nothing serious.  Just building back up my base.

I dug through my stuff and found my swim workouts (yes, I kept and even CATEGORIZED them) and while I’m not up to the fitness level to start them back up again, they give me a goal to shoot for, distance wise.  Once I hit 1800 yards again on my own, I will go back to those workouts.  For now, they are just reminders of how far I have to go…

There are a lot of things that appeal to me.  Duathlons, trail races.  Unless I can really ramp it up and lose a LOT of weight, I think it is senseless of me to even consider anything over a sprint triathlon or 10K.  I hate having to “keep it real” but… I gotta keep it real.  And until we get some help at work my travel schedule will get in the way of anything longer.

I think this is part of what I was talking about before.  It’s easy to get seduced by the allure of longer or more intense races sometimes.  But I found myself setting these huge goals and then getting frustrated when I couldn’t get to them because life got in the way.  I don’t HAVE to do a half ironman or a full marathon.  But it sure was sexy to think about it.  The reality was I was never in shape to do either.  I would have been a lot better off without them.

I know my body now, better than I’ve ever known it.  Longer races have definitely taught me that.  But until I am looking UP at 175lb, those races are dangerous for me and my body tends to start self destructing.  That is a long way from now.  This week I just need to lose a pound… and pick a race… 🙂


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