Death to Captain Whineypants!

A couple of nagging injuries have really put my morale in the toilet lately and to be honest, I’m a bit ashamed of myself.  Over the past 3 weeks, Captain Whineypants (my evil arch nemesis) has returned with a vengeance, destroying my motivation and will to workout.

His first blow came in the form of a kick to the knees.  Not hard, mind you, but just enough to make them hurt.  My knees NEVER hurt.  After some soul searching and analysis, my first suspect, the 175+ mile running month I had in December, was let off the hook.  I was sore, yes.  But this particular pain, in the front and just under/inside of BOTH knees, was not the usual soreness.  My second suspect, my shoes, was also let off the hook.  Wrong pain, wrong spot, and it never hurts both knees the same way when my shoes get old.  So who was left?

Weightlifting.  Yup.  Too much weight on the leg press (360lb) was stressing my knees out.  I stopped and it is slowly getting better, but still.  No running for 3 weeks.  Depressing.

Then the Captain decided to stab me in the back… the bastard…

Another weightlifting induced issue.  I have always had some weakness and soreness right between my shoulder blades around the T2-T4 area.  Probably another disk problem but It is usually manageable and not an issue.  However, lifting weights, especially with all the focus on my swimming muscles, has brought it back up again, this time in the form of both my hands going numb.  I know it’s my back because when my hands go numb, there is a dull throbbing in that spot.  Probably just the nerves getting irritated by the exercise or the increased muscle mass restricting the nerve.  I have the same problem when I swim long distances.

Anyway, the Captain’s goal is to punch me right in the morale.  Chop me off at the will power.  Destroy my motivation.  To reduce me to a sniveling mass of complaints and excuses.

Well played, Captain… Well played.

But in my new world, success is not measured by winning or losing.  But simply by progress and adaptation.  Am I getting stronger?  Yes.  Can I switch my exercise routine around to take some of the pressure off my knees?  Yes.

See, for me it is now all about doing what I CAN do.  Even if I have to change that occasionally to fit where I am physically or mentally.  I no longer have time to spend days on the couch lamenting the loss of a good running day.  Or complaining about the snow covered trails.  It’s all about capitalizing on my options and doing SOMETHING.  Anything.  Without bitching or complaining.  A walk is better than nothing.  Lighter weights are better than no weights.

Does this mean my weight loss goals will suffer?  Yes.

Can I make it up later?  Possibly.  But that, in itself, might be a mistake.  I don’t want to fall into the overtraining scenario I was in last summer.  I can’t worry about the missed workout.  I have to focus on the next one.  Only.

So in that spirit, I need to cut this short.  I need to go swim.  Not far, 1500 yards or so.  But I will do it as best I can and be satisfied with that.  The snow will melt.  My knees are already feeling better.  I am at the same weight as last month.  Like I have said before “just breathe”.

“What you put up with is what you end up with”


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