Bombulum Sine Timore!

As I approach then end of the first week, I think I’m gonna call it a success.  Granted, I still have tomorrow to go but I got through the weekend OK so I am marginally satisfied.  No alcohol and only the occasional handful of chips (we still have some in the house and SOMEONE has to eat them… 🙂 ).  The biggest difference by far is my weekly totals for exercise.  Two days of spin, 3 days swimming, one walk, two weightlifting sessions.  NO running.  On purpose…!  I don’t think I really even wanted to.

I will, of course, start back up next week and go back to my 3-4 days of running but will be shortening my distances.  My longest run per month will be 10 miles and I will only do that once a month for a while.  I am looking to add speed work back in to the mix.  I don’t really even know why… I just want to.  So I’m gonna.  Maybe I’ll even go back to the Wednesday night track workouts again.  They were fun, in a sick, twisted kind of way.

I still have no plans or goal races.  MAYBE the Olympic at Branson in the fall, if all goes well (it got taken over from Ironman by Rev3 so it’s still a go).  Other than that I might test myself with a 5 or 10K here or there.  Maybe a sprint or olympic tri.  I still haven’t been able to actually COMPETE in one of the Kansas City area triathlons as I have been chased off by bad weather 3 times in a row.  Again, this is not the important thing right now.  Health, well being and fitness are my concerns this year.  Races are fun distractions.  The hard work is at the dinner table.

Speaking of which, I did NOT cut back on anything this week.  Yes, I stopped drinking alcohol, but other than that it was pretty much status quo.  I did not eat out or eat any extra though.  I have so many bad eating habits if I tackled them all at once my body would stop working in revolt.  While cold turkey is the best way to stop drinking, I need to ease my body down off the food a little at a time.  Oh… and I also ate my first fruit in almost six months… That is sad.

So this week, I work on “pre-eating”.  That is, eating while I am waiting to eat.  I do this all the time when I am cooking especially.  I will munch or graze while I cook.  Or if someone else is cooking, I will have a snack 15 minutes before the meal is ready.  Adds hundreds of calories a day.  Not good.  I will also work on having one glass of water immediately before each meal and eliminate second helpings.  This may take a couple of weeks to get right so I need to be patient.  After that, I will slowly start to cut my portion sizes back a little.  All told, I should be on my “new normal” eating routine in about a month and a half.  I know it seems like a long time, but when you consider it is going to be a lifetime thing, a month and a half is nothing.

I start on my lifting program today.  Sam and I did our max lifts last week and built a program off of them.  He is doing 3 sets of 8 reps at 75% of max and I am doing 3 sets of 10 at 65%.  I am doing less because I want to build strength without bulking up.  The lifting days are kinda weird but I have to fit it into my schedule as well as my lifting partner/son’s schedule.  So we have to lift Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.  The good news is the gym isn’t as busy on those days.

My wife and I are almost done measuring our range of motion for stretching.  On a scale of red (not so good), yellow, green, blue (nobody should be this flexible)… she is mostly greens and I am mostly reds.  Not surprising and, hey… it gives me a lot of room to improve!  I will be incorporating this into my lifting routine as well as every other day I can manage it.  If you are looking for me on Sunday, Tuesday or Friday… I will be at the ARC.  ALL DAMN DAY…

In order of priority, my intentions for this year from this point forward are:

  1. Get control of my nutrition
  2. Attain a healthy weight
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. Get better at swimming
  5. Get some running speed back

There is a masters swim class at the ARC this spring that I am considering taking (depending on who coaches it) if anyone is interested.  Pain is lessened if shared.

Finally, today’s quote comes indirectly, from my friend Jake.  Originally it was applied to an inspirational poster telling us we should live our lives more like our dogs.  The quote was “Fart without shame”.  And while this is VERY profound and teaches SO many lessons, Jake actually improved it for us athletes.  So, I give you… “Fart without fear!”

As I stated earlier, I want this, in latin, on all my workout gear.  So here it is:  Bombulum sine timore!

ps.  Karen Jones, if you read this, “Pedere” is actually “feet”, not fart.  Which still sounds cool, “FEET WITHOUT FEAR!”… but not quite the point I’m trying to make… 🙂  And yes, you latin snobs can feel free to argue amongst yourselves about the actual translation.  Unless you can convince me that there is a cooler word for fart than Bombulum (and cite your sources… and NO, Google Translate is not a source), I have my translation.  And before you get too serious, please think about the phrase you are trying to translate… I mean… Really?


One Response to Bombulum Sine Timore!

  1. Karen Jones says:

    Damn, I was just using google translate and verified it with another online translator. My bad!


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