First week on the plan

So… how did it go?  I’d give it a B+.  Really good, but not great.

The problem with going from routine “workouts” to a “training plan” is that, although your body may be in some sort of base shape (unless you are starting from ground zero), the ramp up on intensity and/or frequency of effort takes an adjustment period.  Luckily, I knew this going in.  I knew I would be tired, hungry and wouldn’t sleep well.  Not surprisingly, this is EXACTLY what happened.

I made all of my planned workouts except the Monday swim.  It’s looking like, at least for the first couple of weeks, Monday needs to be a rest day.  I’m really exhausted from the weekend and I haven’t even gotten to race mileages yet.  Monday would really just be junk miles in the pool anyway, so I think I’ll rest for a while.

As a reward to myself (sadistic) for completing the first week of training, I signed up for the Half Ironman distance AND the sprint the next day at Redman in OKC.  Since it is the club national championships and we need all the points we can get, I figure the 2 participation points I get for the club is better than 1… right?  I would need to finish in the top 10 in my age group to get more and 45-49 is one of the toughest age groups to be in, so I’m not holding out much hope for more than that.  Still it should be an incredible challenge, possibly the toughest I have tackled.

Clearly, my weekends are going to be rough.  Besides getting up at the crack of dawn just to get the ride/run in before it hits 90 outside, I am really pushing up my distances.  Saturday I ran 10.4 and rode 23.  Sunday I rode 44 and ran 2 (I would have run more, but really blew up in the heat… gotta be careful!).  The ultimate goal in this training plan is to be able to run 13 and ride 30 on Saturday and then ride 60 and run 6 on Sunday.  I need to be able to do that by September 1 and 2.  From there I begin my taper to the race on the 22nd.

Sunday is a tough day.  After the long ride/short run I rest for a bit and then do an afternoon swim.  Long and relaxed, it actually made me feel much better, but it’s a challenge.  I’m pretty tired and starving when I get home from the first workout.   Motivating myself to do the second one is hard.

And speaking of food… Yes.  I’m starving.  I have really got to watch what I eat.  But, funny enough, it’s the opposite of what you would think.  Granted, I still need to watch WHAT I eat, but I also need to make sure I am eating ENOUGH.  Saturday when I woke up, there was nothing easily accessible to eat.  So instead of making time to eat something, I just skipped it.  So all I had to run 10 miles and ride 20 on was water.  VERY stupid.  I honestly think that set me back for the entire weekend.  Once I got behind the nutrition 8 ball, I was screwed.  I was tired, sleepy, hungry and had a headache all weekend.  Oddly enough (not really), now that I am rehydrated and have eaten enough, I feel fine again.

This weeks plan is a couple of swims, a couple of bikes and a couple of runs during the week and then an 11 mile run/25 mile ride on Saturday and a 50 mile ride/4 mile run on Sunday (with an afternoon swim).  Once I hit the target distances I mentioned above, I will take a rest week and drop back down just below the start distances from last week (something like a 9mi run/20 mile ride Sat and a 35 mile ride/2mi run on Sunday) and then build back up again to the big distances by the end of August.

On a side/distraction note.  One of the things I mentioned in a previous post was about not getting distracted by every workout that comes by.  There is a sprint triathlon here in town this weekend…  I has two things going for it.  It’s close to home and it’s cheap.  Sooooo tempting….  Oh yeah, and one of my favorite races, NEMO in Kirksville, is on labor day… *sigh*  I’m not sure I can say no to that one…  I might even be able to justify it as a tune up race… maybe?


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