It wasn’t HORRIBLE… but it wasn’t great…

I admire those people who can manage their lives well enough to stay on a strict training schedule while working around a busy work and family schedule.  And I especially admire those who can maintain a good training schedule while traveling.  I pretty much suck at it.

Most of the last week and a half I have been out of town.  At familiar venues or cities, but still, away from home.  Cramming a workout in around setups and take downs, sessions and the like can be frustrating.  Since I present a conferences a lot, I have to deal with their schedule.  Not a complaint.  Just a thing I have to deal with.  And I’m not very good at it.  I am used to morning and evening workouts (yes, twice a day) and that is almost always out.  For instance at the first conference I went to last week, I only managed 2 workouts (a tough, hilly run and an hour on a stationary bike) for the 3 days I was there.  Leaving me 4 workouts short of what I’m used to.  The second conference was worse.  Three days, 1.5 hours on a stationary.

This would all be fine except for the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat well at a conference.  The first conference is at a resort I go to  about a half dozen times a year… It’s gross.  Moldy, smelly, and it’s just far enough away from any decent food choices that you either have to pack in your food (not an option when the van is packed to the gills with equipment) or suffer with the food on site.  This consists of an overpriced restaurant that has a history of giving me food poisoning, a Sbarro Pizza and a Burger King.  Three strikes.  I managed to pack in some food but I am also eating on other people’s schedules as well so I can’t eat when I want either.

These are all excuses though.  If I was REALLY serious about it I would find a way, I know.

The one thing that came out of the last week that was positive was that even though I was given HUGE temptation to drink alcohol (like eating dinner AT the bar on 4 separate occasions) I managed to resist.  I felt kinda silly drinking water or Diet Coke at the bar… but I did it.  It was especially tough since my favorite seasonal beer is out now (Boulevard Irish) and it’s great on tap.  I was soooo close to caving in.  But I’m two months into my weight loss quest and I can’t stop now.  I’m kind of stuck at 192 right now and I’ve decided that I won’t run any races until I’m below 190.  For health reasons mostly.  My body WANTS to run long.  But that’s bad on the knees and back with extra weight.  I don’t think it will be long though.

It is race season now.  I can list a dozen races I “could” sign up for today (and probably should, just to save a little money).  All of my favorites and some new ones too.  But I have to be patient.  Man I hate that word…  The next race I could sign up for is  a 5K that is always fun and has lots of people in it.  Then there is a half marathon and the first multisport race of the year around the first of April, then a fun sounding new race that is a kayak, MTB, trail run.  Lots of options…!

Another problem (albeit, one of normal use) is that I’m running out of bike shorts!  LOL!  I had 4 pairs to start 2012 and I’m down to 1 now!  What’s the “problem” with that… you ask?  Have you SEEN how much good bike shorts cost???  It’s the bikini theory in spandex!  The less of them there is… the more they cost!!  $65-$100 a pair… Really?  So I guess I can either race… OR have something to race IN…  I guess I need to start checking my local bike shops to see if they need any shelving built or display stands made… floors swept *sigh*…  Will work for gear…?

…I’m a sad little man…


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