Ponderings in the pool

Great swim today.  2000 yards with no tightness, fatigue or cramping.  I’m really enjoying swimming right now (especially since it’s 20 degrees outside…!).

One thing I don’t need to do when I’m swimming (or anytime for that matter) is math.  I can barely count my laps right but for some reason today I insisted on thinking about, of all things, what I would need to do to get my time down below 1:15:00 at TriZou.  Of all the stupid things.  First, I don’t like pool swim races so I probably won’t even do the race.  Second, I want to go longer on my races this year so… I probably won’t even do the race.

…but I really wanna do the race. *sigh*

Anyway, I think I can safely knock at least a minute off my swim time.  Probably more but I went with a minute.  Then I started trying to figure out how much time a mile an hour increase on the bike would give me and damn near drowned trying to work it all out.  I’m a mathematical moron on a good day.  I need to focus more on my swim technique and less on stupid stuff.  No wonder I lose my lap count.

I had to laugh (which is never good while swimming) when I came to the decision that if I ever wrote a book about my journey through losing weight and triathons, I would call it “The Littlest Clydesdale”.  Whaddya think?  Pretty good, eh?  For those that don’t get it, The “Clydesdale division” is reserved for, umm… men of substance.  You have to weight AT LEAST 200 lb to get in.  The VAST majority of clydesdale participants are 6 feet or over.  Most are ex football players, etc.  Putting me in a lineup with them is like Gimli on the wall with the elves.  …If you don’t get that reference, watch Lord of the Rings.  Let’s just say my frame is a bit compact to be carrying the same amount of weight…

So I’m hoping to achieve my first real goal by the weigh in this Sunday.  To get OUT of the clydesdale division.  And stay out.  Permanently.

The one thing I will never be able to escape is all the weightlifting I did when I played baseball.  My legs are like tree stumps.  My calves are more cow like.  I can still bench 200lb.  No matter what I do, unless I lie in a bed for a year and completely atrophy, I am always going to be what the government calls “overweight”.  Even if I get down to 10% body fat.  I was talking with a coworker about ideal weight and race weight, etc.  I think even if all I did was train all day, my ideal weight would still be around 170 and my race weight would be around 165.  At 5’7″, most triathletes are around 150 at ideal weight and 147 race weight according to what I read.  Not only do I not think I could ever get down to that weight, I think it would be unhealthy for me.

In short races, this really doesn’t mean anything.  If I were ever to hit my ideal weight, I could easily run 6 minute miles.  I was running just under 7 minute miles at 180lb.  I think my bike times would come down because I would climb better.  I think my swim times would be faster too.  I think where the extra weight would start to affect me negatively would be anything over an olympic distance.  I just don’t think I could ever physically do an Ironman.  Not that I even want to, but I think I would tear myself apart trying to.  Just too much pounding on an old, used up frame.  And too much weight, even at race weight.  I tore myself up just trying to do a marathon and was out for a year.

Anyway, I have to get out of the clydesdale division first… 😉

Weight: unchanged at 200lb. (come on weekend workouts…!)


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