21 Days

I know this is a myth and there really isn’t any research to back it up, but I like the philosophy of it anyway.  The old “It takes 21 days to make/break a habit” saying is one I have used for a long time.  What I like about it is that it gives me a very short term goal (21 days) to set to try to either do or not do something.  This may seem silly but what I think it’s really about is simply allowing your body (in a diet or exercise 21 day goal) to adjust to the new routine.  And a “habit” is just what your body thinks is the normal routine.

For instance, I have cut back on my intake and stopped drinking.  This was HELL for the first few days.  Headaches, stomach cramps, that starving feeling, etc.  The next few days have been slightly more tolerable.  No headaches, hungry, but not starving.  I’m 12 days into it.  I know because I’ve done it before that 9 days from now the changes I have made will be my new routine.  My body will be used to working with less and those cravings for a cold one (or 4) will be gone.  It’s hard to convince myself of that sometimes though… 🙂

It is clear to me that I have at least some minimal addictive traits as now my body… No… My brain keeps trying to substitute one bad habit for another.  Can’t have beer?  Get some Coke Zero!  Or good chocolate!  How about another cup of coffee?  ugh…  I swear I am even having olfactory (that’s smell…) hallucinations.  I walked into a small conference room today and was overwhelmed by the smell of pizza.  I could even tell you what toppings.  My coworker came in and didn’t smell anything.  I was walking through the house the other morning and I smelled beer.  And my food cravings are laser specific.  Yesterday I wanted Greek Yogurt with blackberrys… oddly specific…  and today I wanted fish tacos.  I don’t really even like fish tacos…

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And, no, I’m not pregnant.

The 21 days thing works for me though.  I do think that breaking your goal up into small, manageable portions is the right thing to do.  I think that I should also reinforce my 21 days with another 21 days when I’m done.  Not a different goal, just an extension of the same “no beer and smaller portions” goal.  Just to drive it home to my body (brain) that I am not kidding this time.  I need to start hallucinating about bananas and Hammer Gels.  And low cal pasta…  And maybe a Coke Zero…


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  1. libbey says:

    21 days into it to


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