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First day in a week with only one workout…  I’m feeling guilty… 🙂

Strange.  Even though I work hard in the pool, I actually look forward to it as an easy day.  The pool relaxes me and it’s totally non weight bearing exercise so I huff and puff, but I’m not beating my legs up.  After a 10 mile brick at Rock Bridge yesterday, I needed to take my substantial load off of my legs for a day.  Got about a mile in of mixed drills.  Mostly 200’s with the main set being 200 swim/200 paddles/200 pull X 2.  The paddles are still really hard work and I have to be careful I don’t over

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fatigue my shoulders.  But I can already feel the difference and I’ve only been using them for a month.

My nemesis in the pool is thinking.  Oh, no… Not about technique or anything important like that.  No.  I start to daydream and forget what the hell I’m doing.  Nothing like getting 500 yards into a 1000 yard main set and forgetting what lap you are on because you are thinking about your compost…  I’m sure I could be 10 seconds faster per hundred if I could just stay focused long enough to count to 2 laps.  *sigh*

Speaking of swimming, one of the bloggers I follow (DC Rainmaker) just took a trip to Bora Bora.  He posted pictures and for the first time I found myself saying “Man… I would love to swim there…”  What the hell is wrong with me?  Am I becoming a swimmer?  Don’t I know there are sharks and jelly fish and…  But it sure is beautiful… No?  I’m not even the kind that likes tropical islands but a swim with the fishes in Bora Bora would be pretty amazing.  Still, for me to associate swimming with anything other than dread marks a radical shift.

The whole weight loss thing still has me a little worried.  I’m hoping I don’t bounce and gain weight this week.  I’m being careful and I’m slowly trying to decrease my intake a little more (although tonight’s turkey sausage gumbo was hard to say no to) each day.  I “think” I’m down to about 2500 calories a day now.  With the amount I’m working out, that puts me negative on most days.  I really want to work it so that I eat about the same every day.  I don’t believe in carbo loading that much and feel that if I can get my body used to a certain intake then it will be most efficient at that intake level and I won’t need to load up.  I also wonder just how much pre race carb loading or eating big after a long workout actually helps.  I’ve read studies and articles on both sides.  As with everything I believe in life, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  It’s all personal anyway.  I have to find what works for me.  You would think I would know what that is by now…  meh… maybe when I grow up…

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