See… I was right.

The pain of last weeks’ 50+ miles of running is still resonating around my body.  My legs still ache and I have developed this pain in the top of my foot that feels very much like tendonitis.  It does not respond to ice and there is no swelling, but it shoots a mild to medium pain around my foot with each step.  Since I don’t want to START the year on the DL, I’m taking it easy on my legs this week.  I can still ride with no pain or problems, so that’s what I’m doing.  The “I was right” in the title refers to saying I needed to stick to shorter distances until I am ultra light in weight.  My body does not like long distances at the weight I’m at.  Last week just proved that again.

I still haven’t signed up at the gym so I’m not back in the pool yet.  I can blame that on a busy work schedule, but I need to get it done.  Probably today or tomorrow.  I might also see if I can find some swim paddles and fins as well.  I need to do lots of drills for strength and technique this spring.

I haven’t pulled the trigger on registering for my first race yet.  I’m still considering options.  I also want to see how this first month of “training” goes.  Just need to re-up my membership to USAT and CMC for now.  I am also going to re-join CTC (our local track club).  Past that…?  Lots of options but nothing firm.

Something did dawn on me last night while on the trainer though.  I am committed to doing only sprint distance races this year in triathlon.  I may do some longer adventure races, etc. but pure triathlons will be sprint only, except for Kirksville which is a bit longer but late in the season (still not a true Olympic distance though).  That being said…  For the first time, I am actually ahead of the training curve.  WAY ahead.

What I mean is, as I look at distances vs. my current base, last year I was way behind.  My longest ride ever was 40 miles, I had never swam more than a mile at once and was averaging one half marathon per year.  Considering I needed to be at these levels (or above) and be able to do them all IN ONE RACE, I was WAY behind.

However, this year my longest race swim will be about .75 mi.  I could swim this now.  My longest ride will be about 30 miles.  I did that last night on the trainer.  My longest run will be about 6 miles  I do that 3-4 times a week.  I don’t need a base!  In fact, I’m OVER base.  Instead of struggling for the first half of the year just to get to a workable base to train from, I can start a race training plan NOW.  I’m not sure what to do!

Actually, that’s not true.  I am building a balanced training plan that emphasizes strength and speed work in the pool, interval and hill training on the bike and speed/hill work on the run.  I will occasionally stretch my mileages out a bit, but weekly mileage totals of 3-4(swim), 100-150(bike) and 20-25(run) are really my MAX.  Last year I was looking at those as INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT totals on some long days.

That’s cool…

And not because I’m not a mileage junky or a type AAA personality.  I admit to being those things.  Yes, I will be jealous when I hear about the crowds heading out on long rides or doing big races.  But I keep going back to that whole “Fun” goal I set.  Short, hard workouts are fun for me.  I love the intensity.  I also love the manageability of a workout routine that lets me go like hell for an hour or so and then I’m done.  I like the total exhaustion of a short, hard workout.  No, they won’t all be that way, but I zone out and lose focus on the really long workouts (short attention span).  I notice that this is also when I get hurt the most.

OK… Time to pick some races!


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