Sprint to the end

Did “sprint” work in the water last night.  At my request, no less.  In my best estimation I just looked like I was drowning… faster.  What little form I have totally falls apart in a sprint.  I noticed the guards were keeping a particularly close eye on me.  And not because they were impressed.  I think they were scared.

After some 50/50s (50 fast/50 recover) and some accelerations (12 strokes slow, 18 fast) we then did 3 all out, 100 meter sprints.  I went last (cuz I’m slow like dat) and vowed to crawl all up in the back of the person in front of me.  She just shook her head in a “not bloody likely” way and took off.  The first 100 was a mixture of alternately blending and then drinking pool water.  I caught up slightly, but not much.  The second hundred I really tried to focus on form, just faster.  This made for much less arm blender and a decent lap.  The last one, I timed. Yes, I know I should have timed the first one… blame it on oxygen debt.  I breathed every 4 and tried to focus on my body position and kick, while keeping a strong pull.  The lap was 1:32 for 100 meters (I also caught the person in front of me)…  Is this better or am I still slow?  I can’t find anybody who has timed their 100’s enough to know.  I timed a warm down lap at the usual speed and it was 2:01.  I suppose I should look it up.  If I could maintain the faster pace for a race the distance of, say, Trizou (440 ish) that would put my time at under 7 minutes.  That’s not a bad time.  I think the fastest guys are out of the water in just under 5 minutes…  I dunno…?  No matter.  I will proudly wear my “Driftwood” nickname forever.

The whole “sprint” thing got me thinking about going back to trak night (sic) on Wednesdays.  I have been complaining about running slower times, but I think I may have just forgotten how to run fast…  Or as a friend put it, I’ve forgotten how to breathe hard.  I know a balanced training routine includes sprint work… I just haven’t been doing it.  I used to run trak night as well as push the intervals on my Thursday morning runs, but I’ve just kind of been running and that’s all.  Part of it is definitely the heat, but I admit to being a little lazy as well.

That just leaves the bike.  Thursday nights are out, so no intervals, and it seems kind of silly to throw in “sprints” on the commute home.  Saturdays are usually a group ride that is “no drop” so I can’t exactly sprint then…  I may just not worry about it for now and then this fall/winter when I’m on the trainer I can add some sprint work.  Oh joy… sprints on a trainer.  Just shoot me.  Maybe hill work and mountain biking can count as a substitute?  …didn’t think so.

Has anyone noticed but me that I’ve pretty much already written this season off?


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