Wild week!

The problem with having an extremely active life is it doesn’t give you much time to blog about it!  Last week was full of workouts, projects and job duties that left me too tired to blog at the end of the day.  I’m firmly convinced that yardwork should be the fourth event in a triathlon (…I’ll let that sink in…).

I did manage to get several quality workouts in, including two bricks and more running miles than usual, so I was happy.  I’m still struggling trying to find time to ride as much as I need to.  I have to admit that the group rides don’t seem to be going well for me.  There really isn’t a “group” that rides at my speed, so I just ride alone after the warm up mile.  I either need to be able to ride 25-30mph or 15-18mph.  I’m averaging about 22 right now.  The other thing that bothers me about the biking community in Columbia is the huge amount of controversy and animosity between automobiles and bicycles (to the point that the city council actually passed a no bicycle harrassment policy which is a misdemeanor!).  Our bicycle clubs (most notably, but not exclusively, the local racing club), in my humble opinion as a noob/outsider, are doing nothing to quell this animosity and seem to revel in inflaming it any chance they get.  The visibility (negative) and exposure that this spotlight has put on bicyclists has heightened everyone’s awareness of bicylists in Columbia.  Unfortunately, not in a good way.  Everybody is watching bicyclists now.  Any time one blows a stop sign or rides an inch into the road (which, last time I checked… was legal), the papers are full of commentary about it.  However, on EVERY group ride I have been on with certain groups, they ride 3 to 4 abreast, block the road, refuse to move, blow stop signs and get very provocative when someone honks or speeds around them.  All the while claiming their right to the road.

Look.  There is the letter of the law, and then there is the intent of the law.  In this case, standing on the letter of the law like it is a soapbox for you to profess your rights to the road, displays a lack of common sense.  In fact, it could very well backfire on you.  The Sheriff’s department now prowls one of our routes routinely at the time we ride and if we step a toe out of line, they are on us about it.  One horrific instance of bicycle harrassment where a car purposefully struck one of our riders (and then blamed it on the rider…?) has spiraled into competing lawsuits, lawyers and cars following groups of riders with dashcams to record any missteps to use in court (which should absolutely NEVER be admissable anyway…).  Anybody see this blowing up in our faces?

The whole mess just makes me want to ride alone.  Hell, I’m doing that anyway.  At least I’m less likely to be a target if I’m alone.  It’s just kind of frustrating because I like doing the group stuff. 

Anyway, it will work itself out.  In the meantime, I need more miles on the bike so I can’t stop riding.

I got on the scale on Wednesday and it read 179.  It’s been a long time since I have seen the 170’s (like… 18 years).  I started all of this mess with the sole intent of losing weight.  Seems that is working!  I don’t know if I can lose 9 pounds in a month and a half, but I would love to be at the starting line at Redman at 170 pounds.  That would be like winning the race for me. 

Unless you have been very oveweight (I started at 240 pounds), you just can’t understand what it is like.  It is hard to explain to my skinny, triathlete/runner friends who can eat pretty much anything and not gain a pound just what a monumental battle weight management is for me.  I constantly struggle (and frequently fail) with resisting food, controlling my portions and staying away from the bad stuff.  So reaching my ideal goal weight of 160 pounds is like completing an Ironman for me.  By the time I hit it (and I will… dammit) I will have been “training” for it for over 3 years.  I’m really not sure what I will do when I get there…  I’ve never gotten this close before…

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