Ahh…(choo), spring (sniffle)

I’ve been quiet on the blog for the last few days.  Mostly because my eyes are so itchy and watery that I can’t focus on a computer screen.  It seems to have let up momentarily (of course… it’s Monday.) so I am going to try to catch up between the sniffles and sneezes.

Yes, I have seasonal allergies and, well… it’s that season.  From Friday on I have been absolutely miserable.  Horrific pounding headache, sneezing, coughing, drainage… the whole works.  It’s lovely.

But it hasn’t stopped me from working out.  In fact, the only way I can actually breathe is when I’m exercising.

Saturday morning I switched up from my scheduled ride to a run with my old running buddies.  Even though I felt bad from the neck up I decided to go ahead and run as much as I could.  We started off running between the raindrops in a light thundershower and, not surprisingly, as soon as I started running and the blood went to my legs instead of my sinuses, I felt better.  Not great… but better.  I thought we were going to be running in the rain the whole way but after a brief downpour, the rain let up and the morning was beautiful.

I wanted to run at least 7 miles and thought I might push that out to 10 miles if I felt like it.  I settled into a nice, easy, conversational pace (although I was alone… which just meant I COULD have talked all the way through it if I had had someone to talk to) and tried to pretend that I felt better.  I cruised along, watching the clouds, avoiding the puddles, sneezing, etc.  I got to the 5 mile mark and felt REALLY good so I decided to keep going and do the full 10 miles.

I finished up at a very consistent, easy 8:30 pace.  The most glaring thing I took away from this run was that I didn’t hurt at all.  In fact, I felt like I could have gone more or done something else.  I also didn’t hurt the next day (or today!) which is very encouraging when I think about the possibility of doing half marathons/marathons this fall!  I know the biggest difference (besides I’m in better physical condition) is that I am losing weight again (184!) which is taking the pressure off of my lower body.

Yesterday I woke up and felt a little better.  The itchy, sneezies were still there but the pressure on my sinuses was better and I could see straight.  So after a quiet morning we packed up the fishing gear and went to the lake.  I knew the club would be there in the afternoon to do an open water swim, but I wasn’t sure I would be up to it.  I took my stuff just in case but wanted to see how I felt out in the wild before I decided.  The good news is that I felt pretty good.  As 3pm rolled around I decided to go ahead and swim.  I really needed one more swim in my wetsuit just to be comfortable.  I probably could have gone without it and got a little warm, but that was OK.  This is all new to me so the more experience I get, the better.  I only swam 1100 yards and other than the fact that my hands went to sleep at the end, I felt like I could have done at least 1100 more.  That’s a good feeling to have going into a race with a swim distance of only 500 yards…!

This week I am out of town today through Thursday on business so who knows what I will do.  It all depends on what is around me and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to check yet.  I’m hoping to find a park close by to run at and maybe the hotel will have a stationary.  I probably won’t swim again until the race.


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