That was cold…

Ya know… Some things you do, because you want to.  Some, you do because you want to say you did it (or lived through it).  And then there are those things you have absolutely no idea why you did or what the hell you were thinking.  Such was the case tonight…

See, it wasn’t enough for my newly obsessed self to swim a mile in the nice, warm calm water at the pool this morning.  Oh no…  I had to do more.  So I decided to go on the group bike ride this evening with the newbie triathletes.  This was a makeup for the crappy weather on Sunday (which, in hindsight, was BALMY compared to tonight).  So naturally it started raining last night and didn’t stop all day!  The ride time conditions were:

40 degrees

Winds 10-20 mph (closer to 20…)

Heavy mist and rain.

Roads were wet with some standing water.

Lovely, eh?

But after the race Saturday, I knew that I absolutely HAD to get more bike miles in.  And these were, unfortunately, miles.  So I showed up at about 5:20 for the 5:30 ride and sat in my truck saying silent prayers that I was either in the wrong spot or nobody would show.  Neither happened.  Eight other intrepid souls showed up at precisely 5:30.  …damn… *sigh*

I had left my windbreaker at home inadvertantly and didn’t have any ear protection so I grabbed a light jacket as a third layer, stuffed my hands in my gloves and reluctantly rode out.  I was hoping that a warmup would improve my mood.  And actually… It kind of did.

But I knew as we were going out that it felt too easy.  This didn’t mean I was getting stronger.  It meant I was going WITH the wind.  Which was all fine and dandy except we had to come BACK the same way…  I took it as easy as I could and just cruised.  Amy (our coach) pulled up beside me and suggested that I switch to an easier gear and spin at a faster cadence.  She said it was OK to push big gears if you didn’t have a choice but spinning easier gears faster wasn’t as fatiguing on the big muscles of your quads.  Makes sense but I will admit my years of mountain biking gave me some bad habits.  The biggest one is mashing big gears instead of spinning the pedals.  Really need to work on that one…

About a mile before the turn around my toes went completely numb from the cold.  My ears were glowing red.  I couldn’t feel my nose.  Did I mention this was the “with the wind”, dry, warmer half of the ride?  So when I turned around I got to do the second half of the “WITH the wind”, rainy, the temperature dropped 10 degrees and the wind picked up… ride…

By the time I got back to the truck, I was a miserable, wet, muddy, couldn’t walk because I couldn’t feel my feet… mess.  But… It was kinda fun… 🙂  Is that sick?  The scariest moment in the whole mess was when I got home and couldn’t stop shivering.  It took 10 minutes under the covers and a good, hot cup of tea to warm me back up.  I shivered so hard I bit my tongue a half a dozen times.  I haven’t felt that cold in a long time.

…and I’d probably do it again tomorrow.

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