Be glad I run in the dark

I am a modest runner.  I do not have the body to expose to the masses on a sunny day.  If I do it usually ends badly with me being chased by animal control or something.  “White” doesn’t begin to describe me.  “Fluorescent” is a better description.  I’m quite sure I can be spotted from the space shuttle on a bright, sunny day if I go shirtless.  Because of this, I run clothed.  Much to the relief of the locals.  The other saying that applies to me is “Yes, I’m in shape.  Round IS a shape”.  Therefore I try not to expose small children to the trauma of me jiggling down the trail.

By the same token, I am very modest with my choices in apparel.  Cover what needs to be covered.  Keep it as cool as possible (I can run in shorts and a shirt  in the high 30’s).  Nothing too short or too tight.

So imagine my trepidation when it comes to buying things like bike shorts, tights and (more recently) the possibility of a wetsuit (think Free Willy).  I only buy them because they are a necessity and take no joy in the purchase whatsoever.  Yet this is just what I had to do yesterday.

See, I have two pairs of tights.  Both of which could be considered “Spring” tights.  They are made for that 30-50 degree day when its windy or rainy and you need just a bit extra.  Tuesday morning it was 17…  I probably could have worn BOTH sets at the same time (the horror!) and still been cold.  As much as I hated to admit it.  I needed cold weather tights…  ugh…

Even though I have been back in mid America for 3 years, I managed to miss the great outdoors in winter for the last two.  In 2006, we got to Missouri in March so we missed that winter.  Last year I was injured and made no effort to go outside because it hurt too much.  Now that I am finally back in shape and able to run, this is actually my first winter of running.  Thus far, putting on an extra layer has sufficed, but this morning (a day off, luckily) it was 14 degrees and it’s supposed to be 20 tomorrow morning for my scheduled long run.  I don’t care who you are, that’s cold.  It’s going to take some time for me to get used to that.  So in the meantime, I need to get some cold weather stuff.

So yesterday I went to my favorite running store and looked for winter tights.  After fondling much merchandise and trying on a few pairs, I determined a few things.  First, winter tights are FREAKIN EXPENSIVE!  Note to self: HIT THE SPRING SALES!!!  Second, it should be illegal for me to wear Spandex.  Finally, you are all glad I run early in the morning and usually before dark.  No one should be exposed to what I saw in the full length mirror in the changing room.  I now know just how nice my running friends really are.  Not only do they not scream and run in fear when I get out of the truck, they are still nice to me and don’t laugh at me (to my face, anyway).  That takes a special type of person… 😉

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