Training vs. Expense vs. the Running Jones

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There is NOTHING on the planet that (well… save being chased by a dog) will motivate me to run faster/push harder than running in sub 20 degree weather! But you know… I have to admit.  After I got going, and isn’t it odd that I didn’t need much “warm up” since I couldn’t feel anything anyway, it really wasn’t bad.  However, if you had told me two years ago that I would be “enjoying” a 10K run… running sub 8 minute miles… in the dark… at 5:30 in the morning… with a start time temp of 19 degrees…

…umm  …I believe “bullsh!%!” would have been my response…

There is no doubt that I will always have much love for running.  Even though it might kill me, it has truly saved my life.  And even if I get totally addicted to triathlon (and that is a BIG “if”), I will still always prefer to lace up the shoes and hit the trail.  It’s funny…  I think of all the things I am stressed about with making the switch to triathlon (besides the whole “he can’t swim” thing…), the one that bugs me the most is that I will have to give up some run time to dedicate to the other sports.  Everyone says it will actually make me a better, faster runner, but that’s not the point.  I LIKE to run.

With bicycling… it’s… OK…  I don’t like all the cr@p you have to tote around and wear.  I don’t like having to be on the road for 4 hours to get a “good” workout in (yes, I know I don’t have to go that long for sprint tri’s).  I don’t like having to rely on equipment.  Running has spoiled me on that.

As for swimming… who knows…?  I may love it…  I may be glad it’s the shortest leg of the race.  I may never get past my initial fears and bag the whole thing before I ever do a race.  We’ll see…

This whole thing is an experiment.  Mostly in my ability to do something completely new and (for the most part) different.  But partially to conquer some of my fears and take on a challenge.  I have no aspirations of greatness.  This is something else running has humbled out of me.  I just hope to compete and to give my best effort based on my training.  This will set a benchmark for me.  Both in my ability to actually “do” a triathlon as well as setting a time to shoot for in the next one.

Honestly… I think I have two major challenges.  Being able to complete the swim (yes, I know it’s only 500 yards) and being able to afford all the equipment that triathletes use/covet.  My immediate needs are a training book, swim goggles, a place to swim and swim trunks.  Within 5 months I need new pedals and shoes, bike shorts, a singlet, aerobars (want… not need), a set of race wheels, and a wetsuit.  That’s about $1200 worth of stuff in the next 6 months… just to get me started.  And that DOESN’T include entry fees, the occasional pair of running shoes and any wear and tear items.  I will definitely be watching Craigslist, going to all the sales, selling plasma and robbing the occasional mini mart to get this done.  And I may have to move up to banks if I get addicted and decide I need a tri-bike.  And I thought the training would be hard…!

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