My own personal demons

This weeks TIART from Runner’s Lounge hits particularly close to home with me.  It’s about weight management and running.


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To say that I have the “anti-runner” metabolism and body type would be fairly accurate (think: Gimli in running shoes).  I can and have always been able to lose a pound a week (if I run 40 miles or more), my problem is that I can do nothing and eat nothing and gain 5 pounds a week.  Unfortunately, over time I have “done nothing” more than I have run 40 mile weeks.  Like the 10 YEARS I spent on the couch with a bad back.

The net result has been a slow, steady weight gain and roller coaster weight gain/loss unless I maintain very consistent training schedule.  Things like injuries are a double whammy for me because I have to recover from the injury and then re-lose the weight I gained while I was not exercising.

I think the best thing I can offer is to dispell a few myths:

  1. Running, even with a balanced diet, absolutely DOES NOT equal guaranteed weight loss.  And any weight you lose must be continually beaten back by continued running or it will come RIGHT BACK ON.  The problem is, in order to run AND feel good, you HAVE to increase your intake or you will feel sick and weak and tired all the time.  Which is not conducive to more running.
  2. There is NO goofy formula, dietary supplement or magic stick you can shake at your “diet” that will replace, healthy, balanced diets.
  3. There is a reason the word “diet” has the word “die” in it.  The only way to guarantee that any diet works is to stay on it until you die.  Never “diet” again.  Just change your lifestyle (run) and eating habits (lay off the McDonalds and eat a piece of fruit instead).  Eat what you like (within reason) and try new, healthy things from time to time
  4. Yes, beer is mostly water.  No, that does not mean it can SUBSTITUTE for water.  Nice try…  You have to drink more water than you ever thought you could… and then have another glass.  Every. day.
  5. For soda (yes, even “die”t soda… see #4.  Just because it says “Coke Zero” doesn’t mean it has no impact on you.
  6. Sacrificing yourself to the pizza gods by swearing later loyalty only to raw veggies DOES NOT HELP.  Moderation and consistency… Not binge and starve.
  7. Nobody said this was easy.  If they did, you have my permission to kill them.
  8. “Six Pack” should refer to your abs, not your after workout carbo load.  Otherwise your abs end up looking more like a keg.
  9. Putting anything in your body you can’t pronounce or spell without looking at the label is probably NOT going to help.
  10. YES, you HAVE to cut back and moderate.  NO, there are NO SHORTCUTS.  …and you can never stop.
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