Twofer and a quote or two

The TIART stuff is at the bottom of the post after the mundane run recap.

Distance: 11mi

Miles to go: 1406

This is actually two runs.  Four miles at Traknight and 7 miles this morning.  It’s just hard to post when I get home at night so I’m cramming it all into one post.

Asics GT-2120Image by booyaa via FlickrMy 400s are all below 1:30 consistently now.  I ran 2 X 1000 at a 6:40 pace but still don’t think I could maintain it for a ful 5K even with the adrenaline push.  It will come though…  In a slightly comical moment, right at the end of my last 400, the side of my trusty Asics shoe self destructed, leading to a very cartoon like toe or two hanging out the side.  Ya just can’t get more than 400 miles out of a shoe anymore…!  Goodbye old friends.  Thanks for rehabing with me!  I’m thinking of switching to New Balance for a while, just to see how they feel.  Now that I know how to lace them properly I don’t think I will have the problem with the heel cup being too loose anymore.

The word for this morning’s run was “fatigued”.  I managed to drag out an 8:30 pace over 7 miles but my legs were done.  I’m glad nobody was around to ask me to sprint the last 400 because I just couldn’t do it.  The lungs, mind and heart were willing, but my legs were allergic to sprints this morning…!  Other terms to describe this morning… COLD!  And I mean that in a good way.  It was a chilly 38 degrees.  I had to scramble around to find my cold weather stuff.  Another word was BRIGHT.  Even though it was BCD (before the crack of dawn), we ran under a full moon.  I SOOO wanted to turn my headlamp off and run under the moonlight, but those nefarious walnut trees are still strategically planting the occasional ankle breaker on the trail so I have to be careful.  Next month though, I’m in for a full moon run.  Anybody with me?

OK… On to the quotes.  I think several quotes define me as a runner.  A couple that are kind of mine and a couple that I have adopted.


My sport is your sport’s punishment– As seen on the back of a t-shirt.  So many other sports out there turn their noses up at runners.  I admit to being one of those when I played baseball.  They see runners as frail, skinny and weak.  Yeah?  Try it…  We’ll see who’s weak…

Try not. Do or do not, there is no try–  No quote fest would be complete with out Yoda.  I swear Nike picked up on this (Just Do It?).  I think they owe Yoda some royalties…

My own:

Fishing at Table Rock LakeSometimes Ya Gotta Just Pick A Direction And Go–  This actually comes from a conversation I had with my best friend, Sam, right after I graduated from college.  We were sitting on our motorcycles, getting ready to do a victory lap road trip.  We had discussed many options such as riding up to Chicago to see a Cubs game.  Heading down to New Orleans to get into whatever trouble we could, etc.  We sat on our bikes, loaded and ready, and debated for an hour.  Finally I looked at him and said “Sometimes Ya Gotta Just Pick A Direction and Go”, then I fired up my bike and took off.  We ended up at this tiny hotel overlooking Table Rock Lake, in Southern Missouri.  We spent 4 glorious days riding the winding roads around the lake, drinking beer and playing cribbage.  BEST. TRIP. EVER.  The lesson it taught me is that you can’t fear the unknown, you have to face it.  You can spend your whole life planning everything to death to make it safe(r) and end up not having any life left when you finally get done planning.  If you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, the details will work themselves out.  Make a decision and commit to it, then go…

Finally, I Run Because I couldn’t–  In 1996 I ran the LA Marathon as a clueless first timer who hadn’t trained properly and walked a majority of the last 12 miles.  But I was hooked.  Almost immediately afterwards I suffered a horrible back injury playing roller hockey, had back surgery, and was told I would never run again.  I was crushed…  I spent 10 YEARS on my back, feeling sorry for myself, gaining weight and being miserable.  Finally I decided that my back wasn’t gonna get any broker and that I was going to die waiting to feel better, so through the pain of a bad back and 10 years of inactivity I vowed to run again.  Now, they will pry my shoes off my cold, dead feet…

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2 Responses to Twofer and a quote or two

  1. I bought the shirt that had “My sport is your sport’s punishment” on it for my boss, who is also a runner. I love that quote!

  2. SLB says:

    Some you just gotta…ain’t that the truth!


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