The medal of stupid

Distance: 10 mi

Miles to go: 1630

If they gave medals for stupidity, I would have a chest full of them.  Actually, our illustrious beadmaster has a special bead he awards to runners who choose the path of least common sense.  He calls it the “WELL… that was stupid” bead.  It is awarded to runners who,  instead of choosing to “live to fight another day” when faced with an injury or other adversity (say… running during a TORNADO WARNING… yes, it has been documented… and, no, not by me…) choose to stay the course… almost always with negative consequences.  They are only awarded the bead when they admit their stupidity openly and repent (or, at least suffer the good natured abuse of the group).

I did a quick count of the number of beads I should have and, in the 2 years I have been running, I can already count 12 incidents in which a rational person would have chosen a completely different path.  Things like darting out in traffic like a maniacal squirrel in an effort to beat a light, or running 20 miles in 90 degree heat/humidity, or eating bad chinese food the night before a big race… You get the point.

Some of these idiotic choices have immediate consequences (you get hit by a car).  Others don’t show themselves fully for quite some time (bad chinese food).  And some… well… you’re just not sure.

What the hell is he talking about….

In my saga of one injury after another, I have become fed up.  I don’t care if I hurt.  I don’t care if I’m slow.  I don’t care…  I just wanna run so that I feel like I am actually DOING something for myself.  Since my pelvis is finally, truly and honestly feeling better, I can confidently start to build a plan to get me back to a decent fitness level.  And damn the torpedos… I’m gonna do it.

So when my left achilles gave me a twinge at the end of last week, I ignored it.  When it began to burn and feel tight during my runs, I ignored it.  And finally, when it seemed that it was going to hurt all the time and I really needed to take it easy on it, I ignored it.  Why?  Because I’m tired of excuses and I was really thinking that this was psychological.

That being said, of course I got up this morning and ran 10 miles (for only the second time in 6 months) even though that achilles burned the whole time.  Why?  Because I’m stupid…  After an hour on ice and 4 extra strength Tylenol I can at least walk on it again but I’m very glad that I’m not running again until Tuesday morning.  Hey… at least it will give me time to polish up my medal…

…and how ironic that my pelvis doesn’t hurt AT ALL…  hmm…


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