My way.

Distance: 4 mi

Miles to go: 1689

As much as I want to think that I am in shape enough to ride the 20 miles to work/traknight and then run full tilt for a speed workout in 90 degree heat… I may just not be able to handle it.  The last 2 workouts have been over 90 degrees and I have wilted somewhere between the last mile of the bike ride and the second interval on the track each time.  Last night I alternated between light headed and nausea for most of the workout.  I was pretty disappointed.  But it just lets me know that I’m not in as good a shape as I thought.  Guess I need to work harder…

For those of you who don’t watch the news, the midwest is drowning.  Here in central Missouri we don’t have it as bad as our friends in Iowa or points south on the Mississippi, but it is miserable, nonetheless.  Don’t sit in one spot too long or you will start to grow mold.  The trails here are very good at shedding water, but even they have become overwhelmed in spots and just can’t dry out.  Now I have trail shoes and don’t have a problem splashing through puddles, but I’m getting sick of torrential rain, lightning and 50+ mph winds.

Such was the case this morning.  Now, I am a “no excuses” runner and will generally go out in the rain, snow, etc.  But there is nothing that pisses me off now more than having my alarm go off and immediately hearing thunder and sheets of rain on the roof.  Some would say “yeah… but you have to train in those conditions so that if it does (X) in your race, you will be ready for it.  That’s fine but there is just one little flaw with that line of reasoning for me right now… I’m not training for anything.

I am running…. just to run.  For exercise.  To get outside.  Because it is the right thing to do.  Because if I don’t, I’ll get fat(ter) and die young(er).  So the rules have changed for me just a bit.  As much as I felt bad for not being one of the hardcore group that ran anyway (about 40 of them… in a severe thunderstorm) for training glory (and a bad weather bead…), I just rolled over and went back to sleep.


Let’s just say that I can be a little more “flexible”.  I’m just going to run this afternoon (in the oppressive heat and 210% humidity…!) instead, in between rounds of storms…

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still dedicated to running and have even redoubled my efforts of late to stick to it.  But if I’m ever going to recover fully and get back to the running joy I knew so recently, I need to do it on my own terms and make it something I have fun with.  Not something I “HAVE” to do.

So, I’m off to run 4 short miles one a favorite trail.  Through the mud, humidity and heat…



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