Weird-O-Meter pegged…

Distance: 13 mi. (2 runs)

Miles to go: 1809

I’m really not sure why I still have the 2000 mile countdown on here.  I guess just to track progress.  It will be next to impossible to complete this goal because the hole is just too deep.  But it is still fun to watch the numbers come down.

I have switched to running Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, bike commuting (12 mi) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then lifting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.  It sounds like a lot but it’s not.  The only hard day is Wednesday because I have to bike in the morning, then bike over to the track and run in the afternoon.

I have already noticed a MARKED improvement in my leg strength due to biking (and it’s only been two weeks). The hills seem smaller now…!  I ran a hill yesterday that usually kills me and it was noticeably easier and I had energy when I got to the top.  Maybe there IS something to this whole cross training thing…

Yesterday was an unremarkable run other than the leg strength thingy and the almost overpowering smell of flowers on the trail.  It was beautiful on the way out, but almost too sweet smelling on the way back…!  Today’s run, however, was another surprise.  Not only for the fact that for the first time in a month it wasn’t frickin’ raining/hailing/lightning, but also because of how I felt.  After yesterday’s run I was hurting.  The combination of all the manual labor I am putting in (kitchen remodel… from the floor up) and the run left me VERY sore and uncomfortable.  I dined on Ibuprofen yesterday evening but still woke up sore and stiff.  I didn’t expect much from the run but when the route was announced, it was one of my favorites which picked me up a bit.  It has 2 punishing hills in it and a third near the end, just to kick you when you are down, so WHY I like it… I dunno.  It is just over 7 miles which is pushing the limits of my current endurance, but I decided to go out and see how I felt.  It has lots of options to cut short so I wasn’t worried.  As we took off I felt… good…?  Really?  Yes, my legs were a bit sore, but I was holding about an 8:30 pace VERY comfortably.  As the miles ticked by I kept waiting for the bonk, but it never happened!  I ended up finishing at an 8:33 pace.  By far my fastest effort since before the marathon last fall!  And on a tough course too!

There were only two odd things to note.  First,  as I hit the second major hill in this route my legs got VERY heavy.  This cleared about half way down the back side of the hill, but still.  I haven’t felt that in a long time and am not sure what to make of it.  Finally, as I rounded a nameless corner about half way through the run I was greeted by a blinding blue-white flash, big boom and then a huge shower of sparks!  A transformer blew up on a pole just behind me!  GOOD GAWD!  Talk about having to change your shorts!  I definitely needed a new diapy after that one… I needed a hug too… Scared the BEEJEEZUS out of me…  Of all the stupid things to have happen, and for NO apparent reason.  File that one under “Crazy Crap”…


3 Responses to Weird-O-Meter pegged…

  1. Sheila says:

    Keep the meter, its cool to see the numbers go down. You are my inspiration, so don’t give it up. I’m shooting for 1,000 and have added some bike in because its way easier to bike a mile than run/walk it.

  2. Bob Allen says:

    I think I’m missing something — where is the meter?

    That transformer blowing up would mess with my … mind, too!

  3. dabigleap says:

    Sorry Bob… the counter I am referring to is the “miles to go” at the top. It started at 2000 because this was my goal for mileage this year. Unfortunately, I got hurt and I don’t think I’m going to make it. But we’ll see!


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