iPods and wormholes…

Distance: 7.5 mi (2 runs)

Miles to go:  1900

After the pain and cramps and leg collapsing of my 5 miler, I took off on the first of these two runs on Monday more than a little worried about the outcome.  I have also been fighting a bug for the last few days as it has made it’s way around the family so my hopes were not too high.  Anything faster than a painful limp would have been fine with me.

I did, however, have my new favorite toy with me… my ipod Shuffle which I had hoped would at least be a distraction.  So after tussling with it to get it set in just the right spot and tucking the cords for the ear buds in so they wouldn’t flap around, I took off.

I have no idea how the run went… other than a.) I didn’t hurt, and b.) the Shuffle is the best toy EVER!!  I spent all evening the night before, carefully crafting my running playlist.  For a lil’ feller, a Shuffle can hold a surprising amount of music (over 200 songs).  So I spent some time digging for favorites at iTunes and gathered a list of about 20 songs.  GAWD what a mix!  I didn’t realize it until I looked at the completed playlist, but I have enormously varied taste in music.  Now, not on purpose… I was just looking for fast songs that would push me as I ran.  I ended up with a real mess.  Everything from Rock to Bluegrass, with some latin, alternative and some other junk thrown in.  My favorite in this group is an old Barenaked Ladies song called Grade 9.  A very funny but fast tune about your first year of high school that makes references to things very close to my heart (like Star Trek and thin red leather ties…).  I know I wasn’t “flying” as far as my speed went, but it is amazing how this little thing puts out the noise… VERY cool…

…lessee…  Whawetalkinbout?

..OHH!!  Right!  Running…


The 4 miles I did yesterday went well enough that I decided to run with the group this morning.  It was a good route and I was hoping my luck would continue.  My luck did… but my organization didn’t.  See, last night I set my alarm clock to go off at the regular morning run time (4:45am).  It went off at the right time and I even rolled over and half sat up.  I took a second to get my bearings and then got up, put my clothes on and headed off.  But about half way there I looked at the clock and it said 6am…

…huh?  What the hell?

See the run starts at 5:30…  I’m usually the first one there at about 5am…


See… somewhere in between where the alarm went off and where I looked at the clock in the truck… I lost an hour…

…lesse… I don’t remember any bright lights or strange creatures or being sucked out of bed by a beam…  I didn’t go back to sleep… at least I don’t THINK I did…  There were no obvious signs of a struggle…

Distortion in the space time continuum?


A disturbance in the force??

My own personal daylight saving time thingy?


…oh…  The run went fine…


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