Sleepy but not sleeping…

Distance: 5 Mi

Miles to go: 1935

JEEEEZUS that felt good!  Great day.  Perfect weather.  First time over 5 miles in 4+ months and NO PAIN!!!  …well… other than the pain of being fat and out of shape…  But still, I was able to maintain about a 9 minute pace relatively comfortably and actually ran negative for the last two miles.  Now all eyes turn to the future and plans for when I can start running with the group, Traknights and races.  W00T!!  I haven’t felt this good inside in a long time.  I really missed running…

I am having the same interesting/irritating problem that I had when I first started to increase mileage before though.  I can’t sleep.  Anybody else ever have this?  It happened before when I increased my mileage and the night after a long run.  Oh, I go to sleep just fine.  And I’m very tired before I go to sleep.  But as soon as I hit the bed, I sleep for about 2 hours and then wake up.  And nothing I do helps me go back to sleep.  I just have to wait it out.  I was up from 3 until about 4:30 last night.  I’m a little tired today, but not bad.  I’ve done some research on this and found it to be fairly common, but with no clear cause or treatment.  It eventually goes away on it’s own.  But it is kinda irritating when that total exhaustion of full effort doesn’t get translated into a blissful night’s sleep like you want it to.

So… lessee… yesterday I started a fire in the fire pit, dug up/chopped out 4 stumps to toss in the fire pit, filled 8 holes (frozen ground + shovel = loose teeth if you’re not careful), drug a bunch of the cut trees and brush up the hill out of the area I cut them so I can chop them into firewood, ran 5 miles, ripped out holes in my ceiling (plumbing leak), got hit in the head by my 5 pound sledge (proof positive I am NOT a handyman) when it fell off the top of the ladder, and chased my 4 year old around the park for a half hour.  And I still didn’t sleep.  That’s cruel… just… cruel.  Whaddyagottado?


One Response to Sleepy but not sleeping…

  1. OS says:

    Sorry to hear about the sleep deprivation goin’ on, but can I just say that the last several posts have really made me smile and even laugh out loud. You can tell that you really are back and that is so GREAT! I get the bouts of insomnia, too. I make myself get out of bed instead of lying there cussing and do one very small thing, drink a glass of water, read ten pages of a book or something. Then I lie back down and concentrate on my breathing, in, out, in, out, like I do in yoga class. It works for me, almost every time. Almost like an internal clock reboot . . . Good luck. : )


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