If I knew then what I know now…

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I have been out of touch lately, partly due to a crazy work schedule and partly due to the fact that I was tired of using this blog to whine about my injury.  It is coming along very slowly and I am relearning one of the main things that I will be emphasizing in this post… patience.

I am only able to run about 2.5 miles at a time and even then I can’t run much under an 11:30 mile pace without paying for it.  I think a realistic estimate for recovery  to a point where I can run 10 miles will be another 3-6 months.  Until then it’s just small steps toward short term goals like running with the club again and getting to a point where I can do Traknights, which started again this past Wednesday.  For such a seemingly benign injury the recovery process for this is excruciatingly slow…  ahh well… Live and learn… right?  Speaking of which:

I decided to just take Amy’s previous post about lessons learned and use it for a conversation starter:

  • What have you stubbornly resisted learning or trying?
    • Yoga- I know it would be good for me and it is an established fact that I need to stretch more/better.  But the whole dark room, comfy matt, dead bug and humping camel pose thing is just too much for me.  I even hate structured stretching classes.  Maybe it was too many stretching circles in high school and college baseball… I dunno…  I just wanna go someplace and hide and stretch.
  • What has led to breakthroughs in your running?
    • Goals!  Set them.  Use them.  Challenge yourself.  Goal races, weekly distances, PR’s.  Anything to make you push yourself past your comfort level.  I think another big breakthrough came when I got over my fear of running with clubs and started going to group runs.  Great stories, good people and always somebody to run with.
  • What lesson about running has taken you too long to figure out?
    • Don’t go out too fast!!!  I UNDERSTAND it…  I just… can’t… do it…
  • What 1 or 2 factors have made your running most successful and enjoyable?
    • 1. Running with a group.  It has saved my running life.  The friendship and positive support are lifesavers.  I still get emails from the group members asking when I am coming back and how I am feeling.  It means a lot.  2.  The right shoe.  I have the weirdest shaped foot on the planet… think duck…  very narrow heel and caveman wide foot.  Asics 2120 9 1/2 “4E”.  I have had 3 pairs and will probably never buy another shoe as long as they make it.
  • What training or racing blunders have set you back?
    • This could be a HUGE list but I will spare you the gory bits.  First and foremost, going out too fast in a race.  Second, trying to recover from a short week by doubling my mileage the next week.  It DOESN’T HELP!  In fact, it hurts.  If you miss a few miles one week, just move on.  It won’t hurt your fitness level noticeably.  Third, IF you get hurt, and if you push yourself… you will… give yourself time to heal AND recover.  Healing takes a specific amount of time but the recovery is usually DOUBLE the healing time.  Try to force the recovery and you re-injure yourself… ask me how I know…
  • What 1 or 2 pieces advice would you pass along to a beginning runner?
    • Have fun first, last and always.  If you come into running only thinking about times and mileage, you miss the coolest part of running.  The goofballs you meet doing it.  These same goofballs will actually be what KEEPS you running, long after the glory and the shine on your new running shoes fades.
  • What advice would you pass along to a veteran runner whose stuck in a rut?
    • Change it up.  Try mountain biking (unless you are too chicken…) or a multi sport race.  Orienteering, weightlifting, adventure races, roller blades… anything to break up the routine.  Most runners that get stuck in a rut have also forgotten or lost touch with the previous question.  Remember, usually only one guy wins the prize and gets the money.  The rest of us do it for FUN.  If it ain’t fun… don’t do it.
  • What has kept you from achieving your running goals?
    • Me.  Plain and simple.  I don’t eat as well as I should, drink too much beer and lose focus from time to time.  That’s the beauty and the beast of running.  There is NO ONE or NOTHING else to blame…
  • What is one mistake that has made a significant difference in your running that would you like to reverse?
    • I didn’t stick with it 20 years ago.  I wish I had that one back…

2 Responses to If I knew then what I know now…

  1. Amy says:

    Great post Bob! I send you some virtual patience everyday!

    I only had a hip injury and I am still babying/nursing the thing back after 6 months.

    Take your time – it will come!

  2. tom says:

    Bob, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    When I meet those runners who might be overdoing it, can I send them to you? You have good disposition about how you’ve learned from your injuries.

    The good news is you’re healing every moment of the day and one of these days you’ll return to running pain free.

    We’re thinking of and hoping for you.


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