So! How’s it goin’?

Activity:  Stationary Bike (redneck spin class, party of one)

Time: 30 min.

Distance: umm… it’s a STATIONARY bike… (actually… about 9 miles)

Miles to go:1980

I decreased my “miles to go” based on 7 days straight of 30 minute spin workouts.  I figure that’s gotta be worth at least 11 miles… right?

I guess this post would be called an injury update.


I’m still injured.

Welp!  There ya have it!  Thanks for comin’…

Ok… everybody knows I could never be THAT brief…

Actually, I’ve gathered you all here today to talk about my pelvis…

That didn’t really work either… did it…


Fine…  In truth, I am to that point in my “recovery” to where I am pain free in most standard movements.  I’m a bit stiff when I have been sitting or standing for a long time and certain movements of my legs, especially when I’m laying down, still cause pain.  But, for the most part, I am seeing improvement.  I am back up to 3 sets of 35 crunches and I can do 3 sets of 15 single leg lifts and 3 sets of 5 double leg lifts.  These exercises feel better every time I do them, in a sick, sadistic sort of way…

I think I am at a critical point.  I do feel strong enough to run and the doctor basically said that if I felt OK at this point, I could start walking and then add some jogging in as I felt like it.  I HAVE the green light…  The funny thing is, I’m not sure I’m ready.  See, I DIDN’T listen to my body 3 weeks ago and ran even though I was hurting (and it probably cost me an extra 3 weeks in recovery).  Now, both my body AND the doctor say I should be OK… but I’m not so sure.

See, I want, more than anything, to run for the rest of my life.  But this injury has taught me that even the smallest (seemingly) thing can take you out.  I was first diagnosed with this (pelvic stress fracture) just after Thanksgiving and have really felt powerless ever since.  Two months and counting seems like forever, especially when it will probably be at least another month before I am up and running again.  I think the most frustrating thing is that I don’t have a cast or a scar to point at (although, given the location of the injury… that might be a good thing…), and on the outside, everything appears to be normal (which is a relative term when used on me).  But imagine (guys) being kicked in the groin or having a stomach ache (girls) for 2 months.  Not being able to sit up in bed by yourself.  “Stepping on the gas” as it were, and NOTHING happens.  But you LOOK fine.

But this critical time in my recovery needs to be managed properly.  I have always said “listen to your body” even though I didn’t a few weeks ago.  Lesson learned.  No… my body is saying it’s not ready yet.  And if I want to keep running forever, I’m gonna have to listen now.  I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing for another week or two.  Granted, it’s not running 10 miles like I want to, but I’m never going to be able to do that again if I’m not careful now.

I do, however, think that some sunshine might do me good.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 50’s here.  I think it’s time to go to the park.  Maybe I’ll walk a small bit, just to see how I feel… or maybe I’ll just lie in the grass in the sunshine and scratch my tummy…

…told you I don’t write short posts…


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