Ken’ya run 5K

Distance: 3.1 mi

Time: 22:31

Ya know… I’m the LAST person to toot my own horn.  Yes, I’m proud of my accomplishments over the last year or so, but I also realize that they have merely taken me from the ranks of non-runner to runner.  While this is encouraging, I have no dreams of ever doing anything other than just getting a little better each time I run.  Moreover, my ultimate goal?  Keep running… forever…

So when I get the opportunity to measure my improvements and record them, I do it here.  This is not a place for me to brag, but rather store my thoughts, both good and bad, about my experiences as a runner.  This is turning out to sound like a disclaimer but I’m proud of what I did today.  I don’t want it to sound like chest thumping, but if it does, so be it.

I ran in a very small (75 runners) 5K today.  Honestly, whether it’s 75 or 7500 doesn’t matter to me, because I am only competing against myself.  But my new goal is to get below 22 minutes for a 5K, so I need to set a benchmark time.  This run was conveniently timed and priced right ($10!!), so I wandered down and signed up.  To let you know how small it was, I registered at 7:45am and got number 1… heh!

My previous best for the 5K was 23:16 at an early summer run and since then, although I have been doing some speed work, I have mostly been focusing on long distance pacing, so I really didn’t know what to expect from myself.  The temperature at start was a chilly 33 degrees, but it was sunny and there was no wind.  The course wound through the campus of the University of Missouri, a spectacular place to run.  Fall color everywhere, bleary eyed co-eds staring at us as we ran by, great architecture and a sky so blue it hurt.  LOTS of hills on this course, but none very big, and lots of twists and turns.  I think the longest we ran in one direction was about a quarter of a mile.

As we lined up for the start and took off, I noticed something really odd.  Due to the small crowd and lack of serious runners, I was in 10th place and in full view of the leaders.  I knew the leader of the race and he was, by far, the class of the field.  He would eventually win the race in a time of 19:11 WITH a 40 second detour off course because he missed a turn.  He still won by over a minute.  …rat bastard… (said with love…).

As the course wound around, I felt really good on the ups and the downs.  I picked off one person in the first mile and then settled in with the 8th place runner until about mile two where I passed him on some hills.  The last person I passed tried to make a race out of it so I completely ignored his efforts to speed up.  Eventually he pooped himself out at about mile 3 and that left me in 7th.  I was in full view of 4, 5 and 6, three girls from the Columbia College cross country team.  I reeled them in but they finished about 10 seconds ahead of me.

So the result of all this was a PR of 22:31 (7:15 mile pace).  That’s 45 seconds off my best time.  Seventh overall finisher (0ut of 75), 4th male finisher and first in my age group by 6 minutes.

Not world class, and in most races I would still be mid pack, but you take success when you can get it.  Now I know that if I can shave 15 seconds per mile off my pace, I can make that “under 22” goal.  It let’s me know that, based on how I felt, this is a VERY achievable goal for me.  So if anybody has some speed work suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!!


5 Responses to Ken’ya run 5K

  1. Pokey says:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful! It sounds like you are doing everything right!

  2. Pokey says:

    I found these resources–wasn’t sure if you already knew about them…
    McMillan Running – Training Programs, Running Pace Calculators, Personal Online Coaching, Nutritional Advice for Runners and more!
    Runbayou: VDOT Calculator

  3. grinnbearit says:

    huh. you sound like me.

  4. Amy says:

    Congrats Bob! You seem like your marathon made you an even better runner. Way to go on the 22 and some change. I am not one to offer any ideas for speed – but I will keep my eyes open for some good resources.

  5. From what I’ve been reading here lately, I think you already know the formula, and it’s working. You have been putting in your distance, running your track intervals, hitting the hills and cross training. When the weather forces you inside, use the treadmill to push your intervals a little faster, and you should be where you want to be in the spring. Congratulations on meeting your goals, but do be careful because you’ve been pushing pretty hard lately.


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