Shoey love

Distance: 4.5 mi

Time: Track Workout

First, a point of clarification.  From the emails and comments I got about the last post it seems that some people think that I was the one that got injured.  This is NOT TRUE.  My FRIEND got injured, I was merely bringing it up to point out those funny things that runners worry about when the big race gets close.  I’m fine… really… I always run this slow.

I found it hard to run slow tonight (he says… contradicting his last sentence…).  I was really trying to slow it down to save myself for Saturday.  But either I always run this slow and I’m just now noticing or I’m running faster… easier… if that makes sense.  Anyway, I usually run 1:30 quarters when we run mile pace (no… I could never sustain that pace for a whole mile…) and when I was running “slow” tonight, I ran 1:35…  so much for saving myself.

OH!!!  I got new shoes!!! {insert happy new shoe dance here}

I have been very disappointed with my Asics Gel Kayanos.  They just didn’t hold up to the mileage, event though they are advertised as a high mileage shoe.  My lowly Asics 2110s are older and are still plugging along, although they are getting a bit tread bare.  So I was in my favorite running shop and decided it was time to get new ones so they would be broken in just in time for the marathon.  I decided to go with Asics (yes, I love Asics) 2120s this time.  Kind of a mid priced/mid to high quality shoe.  I have Neanderthal feet…  Flat, wide at the ball and narrow at the heel… not my most redeeming feature…  not that I have a lot of redeeming ones…

Oh, never mind…

I have been buying 2E widths and they do OK, but they suggested I try a 4E just to see how it fit and it’s MUCH better.  Lots of room in the toe box but still tight around the heel (which was always the problem with New Balance… the heel box was too big and my heel slid around in it).  Asics is the only shoe I’ve found that has this combination.  Everybody else’s “wide” widths… well… aren’t…

Anyway, it’s the only real piece of equipment we need to run so it’s good for discussion.  If my first run in these is any indication, we are going to have a long and happy relationship.  Oh… I also got a pair of “Sock Guy” running socks.  Very comfy and they seemed to do quite well with the copious amounts of sweat I put in them.  It was nice to just forget about socks, shoes and feet for a run.  Sock Guy also makes socks that have the number 26.2 on them… heh…

AFTER I run it, though.  ONLY after.


One Response to Shoey love

  1. Bob says:

    MMMM that new shoe smell, gotta love it!! Asics are the only brand of shoes I ever buy, they fit my foot like a glove, like a glove…hahahaha!!! I have, however, only been able to get around 250 miles on them before I need new ones. Carrying 215 lbs. tends to wear them out rather quickly.
    Good luck in advance on Saturday with the 24 miler.


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