I have guilt… sorta… Ok… maybe not.

Distance: 5.7 mi

Time: 48:55

I have guilt…

…well… not really…

On a day of the week when, for the last 3 months, I have been running between 13 and 22 miles…  I did not.  I ran 5.7 decadently short miles with some friends.  I could have extended out my run to 10 miles, but I didn’t.  I feel like I just cheated on a test and got away with it…


Actually, what I’m really doing is following my plan, it just feels like cheating…  I decided when I successfully bagged 22 miles two weeks earlier than expected that I would split up the extra two weeks and give myself 3 weeks between my last two long runs of 24 and 26.  Kind of like a practice taper.  The first week after would be a recovery, then a fast, high mileage week, then a very light, slow week, which started today.

Everybody thinks I’m nuts for trying to run marathon distance before the marathon, especially twice.  But it has always been a part of my plan and I really don’t think I could run a marathon without proving to myself that I could run the distance unaided first.  I would rather crap out and drop out of a training run than have to step off on race day.  Not that it would really mean anything but I would still be disappointed.  At least this way I know I can go the distance.  And I can also practice one of the toughest things during a taper.  Controlling my eating.  Currently my body still wants to eat like I’m running 40 miles a week, but during my light weeks I have to back off on the calories a bit and it’s going to take some practice.

Right about the time we turned onto the last stretch for home today, my legs were finally ready to run.  I charged up the hill to the finish and then stopped.  It was almost a shock!  My body was ready to go and I stopped?  Howzat work?!  I briefly considered making a turn and doing another couple of miles, but didn’t.  This was like a little gift from me to my body for getting me this far…  and it feels good…!


2 Responses to I have guilt… sorta… Ok… maybe not.

  1. tomrunnerslounge says:

    You know how you feel when a guy gives his wife/gal gorgeous flowers for no occasion and then our wife/gal finds out and then we look like schmucks…

    Well that’s how you’re making the rest of us feel with your awesome training…Just kidding….

    I’m really intrigued by your extra mileage and pre-taper approach.

    You’ll have no problem finishing the marathon, and you might have a lot more focus than the rest of us who run well under the full distance.

    I think you’re a rare example of someone ultra prepared but not overtrained.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Derek says:

    Don’t think your too out of step – in training for my first I decided on a program that had a few >20mi runs in it. I did 22 last week and will do a 24 before the race. Not only do people think I’m crazy, but sometimes I start to agree with them.

    I completely know the feeling your talking about – after 22 on Saturday I did 5mi this morning. Right as I was finishing my body gave me this “alright, now we’re warmed up – lets go!” signal. That feeling of knowing there was a lot more left in the tank was nice.


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