I needs ta get mah groove back

Distance: 7.5 mi

Time: 1:06.00

GAH!  All the traveling I have been doing over the last 2 weeks is ruining my groove!  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I just can’t squeeze a run in when I am traveling.  AND IT’S REALLY FRUSTRATING…!!!!!


…pant…. pant…  *sigh*

If I didn’t have this little thing called a MARATHON to run… It wouldn’t be a big deal.  I would just run when and where I could.  But this obsessive need to get mileage in and stick to SOME sort of training schedule is making my travel schedule extremely irritating… chafing… even…

The funny/sad part is asking people in the tiny towns I am going into “Where the best place to run” is…  They look at me like I’m nuts…  They ask questions like “Why?  Who’s chasing you?”  Complete with toothless guffaw and knee slapping…   I tried explaining that I like to run for exercise and I…

…ohh, forget it…

{insert toothless snicker/snort and punch to the arm here}

Don’t get me wrong…  I LIKE small towns.  They are just usually not filled with “fitness buffs”.

That and it’s amazing how a very sedentary task like driving (I have been averaging about 4 hours per drive) can suck all the life out of you.  I just want to find my hotel and take an alcohol induced nap.  I don’t, of course… But I WANT to…  The last two hotels I have stayed at didn’t even have treadmills.  And the pool was so small I had to ask which was the pool and which was the hot tub.  Not exactly conducive to lap swims.  Although I guess it would be kinda funny to brag to all of my triathlon buddies that I swam 200 laps in the pool while I was away…  I’m not gonna tell them that each lap was 2 strokes…

So… I get to play makeup for the rest of the week.  I will run tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  It looks like the incinerator is finally going to be shut off for a while and we might have some cooler temperatures.  OK… still in the 90s… but better than the 106 we had on Tuesday… right?  That one had even the biggest diehards in the group sitting in front of the AC…


2 Responses to I needs ta get mah groove back

  1. Amy says:

    Good luck getting in some good runs this weekend! I grew up in a small town and know your pain. I would try to go for a run and at least three people would stop me to ask if I needed a ride, then they would head over to my parents store and tell them that I was out there running and looking like I was going to die. So I gave it up until I moved away. A few months ago when I was visiting, I went for a run. And yep, you guessed it, two people stopped to chat and tell me to not overdo it. Love ’em!

  2. Don’t get too obsessed with making up mileage. You’ve already done a 22-miler, so you’re obviously ready for the marathon. If you’ve missed a lot of runs, your best approach is to get back on a normal schedule as soon as you can. My coach always insisted that undertraining was safer than overtraining. Ease back into it, then resume your normal schedule. You’ll be fine. Two weeks one way or the other is NOT going to make or break you.


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