Distance: 6.5

Time: 54:30

OK… For the third time today I will try to post this…

The Thursday run was supposed to be a tempo run but I was still a bit stiff and sore from the Wednesday night track workout so I just ran.  I hung with a couple of people for a while and then kinda just faded a bit and ended up finishing alone.  It must have taken me 3 miles to shake the crap out of my legs and get going… oy…

I got to talk with a friend who is running a marathon about a month before I run mine.  She is right in the middle of her big push towards 26 miles and she is really feeling it on her long runs.  I sympathized with her but at the same time, it was good to hear somebody else say they were struggling with the longer distances.  I mean, I’m sure until we get used to it, we all will struggle.  I can’t imagine for most of us that distances over 13 miles ever get “easy”.  But one would assume that if you are fit and train for these distances constantly, it would eventually get “easiER”… maybe…  a little…?

Her big problem, even though she is skinny as a rail, is that she is worried about eating too much and gaining weight during her taper.  She also doesn’t believe in eating or drinking anything but Gu and Gatorade during her runs…  When I told her that I had changed my planned routes to accommodate loops so I could come back by the car at the halfway point of my long (16 mi and over) runs to refuel and eat something, she was appalled.  When I told her about all the people that had suggested this, she seemed to let up on her disgust a bit, but she still didn’t think this was the reason she was bonking…

Side note:  What a juxtaposition…  A fat guy telling a skinny woman she needs to eat and having my claims be backed up by doctors, coaches and professional athletes… heh!

Seriously though, I did a little math with her… Tell me if I’m wrong…

Average caloric intake for an active woman is about 3000 calories total per day.

Average calories expended one mile of running is 115.

Number of miles in a marathon is 26.2

Calories burned in a marathon (115 * 26.2) is 3013

If you stick to your regular diet, you will have eaten between 400 and 1500 of these calories by the time the race starts, so anywhere from 4 miles to 13 miles you burn through those initial calories…

So where ya gonna get energy from?  Fat stores?  They take too long to break down to be of any use during a race…

The bottom line is… you have to refuel DURING the run.  As many calories as you can take in.  Easy to digest calories like energy packets (Perpetuem, Exceed, etc.), gels, PB&J sandwiches, whatever you can tolerate.  Otherwise, when you run out of fuel…  BONK.

She didn’t buy it.  She thinks that during her taper she should be on a strict diet.  Granted, she shouldn’t go out partying and drink beer and eat pizza every night, but isn’t the purpose of the taper for your body to heal and rebuild glycogen stores?  How are you going to do that on 2000 calories a day?

…maybe its just me…  maybe I don’t get it… She thinks I’m nuts.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning when I stop halfway through my 16 miler to refuel.  If I make it all the way to the end… I was right.  If I hurl my PB&J and Powerbars at mile 10… I’m an idiot.


2 Responses to ID-10-T

  1. Bob says:

    Wouldn’t be nice to know the nutritional values of all beers, not just the low-carb/calorie ones?

  2. She’s overthinking it. I went to my favorite diner and ate chicken-fried steak with cream gravy for lunch the day before my last marathon. I finished 20 minutes faster than I’d anticipated and felt good enough to chase the ice-cream truck down the block to get a Klondike bar later that afternoon.

    Eat what tastes good and feels comfortable. Personally, I don’t like to eat solid food when I run. I’m not worried that it will make me sick; it just doesn’t sound good when I’m hot and tired. I eat what I like, which in my case is cinnamon-apple Carb-Boom and blue Gatorade. Maybe some sushi after I get done with the race.

    What I never do is think about what I’m going to eat and agonize over my “hydration strategy” or my “gel strategy” or any other such nonsense. I just go out with a pocketful of Carb-Boom in case I get hungry, and I drink at all the water stops and run at a comfortable pace and spend the time enjoying my surroundings.

    I look at it like this: If I just want to lose weight and look good, I can go work out at Curves for 30 minutes every other day. I run marathons because I enjoy them. If marathoning weren’t fun, I wouldn’t do it.


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