Shouldn’ta Oughta Did It…

Distance: 18 mi

Time: 3:23.46

Ya know… There are just some things you KNOW are wrong when you do them, but you do it anyway.  Most of the time the worst you can get is a boo boo, but sometimes it is much worse.

I decided yesterday that I would try to get off a bit early and get my long run in a couple of days in advance since I am going to be gone most of the weekend.  Today I was out most of the day volunteering at the Senior State Games Track and Field Competition and tomorrow I am off to war (for the day) in Kansas City.

But… something didn’t feel right.  I was kinda achy all day and had worked pretty hard the day before lifting lumber until nearly 9pm.  I thought maybe a nice big pasta lunch would fuel me, but no luck.  Even as I started out the run, I had my doubts.  I am usually either optimistic or at least neutral about every run.  It’s rare that I am ever doubtful about the outcome of a run.  This day, however, I knew was going to end up badly.  But I went anyway.

Actually, after I shook off the cobwebs and stiffness, the first 3 miles were not bad at all.  Just a nice casual stroll at a leisurely pace.  Then my stomach gurgled “THAT” gurgle and I sprinted the last half mile to the closest bathroom.  Not good…

But, I pressed on.  Once my tummy cleared, miles 4 – 10 were fine.  I was drinking well, had taken 2 Hammer Gel packets and was feeling at least marginally positive.  Then around mile 11, I started to get these odd pains in my legs.  Nondescript, and in different spots mostly, but very uncomfortable.  There were even a couple of times where they would hit and my legs would go weak and I would stumble, then just as quickly they would go away.  Unfortuately at about mile 15, they moved in to stay.

I have always said that I would do anything rather than walk.  That was challenged today.  And I lost…  The upper half of my body felt like I wasn’t even working.  Just a light sweat, not breathing hard, no problem.  But everything from my waste down was on fire.  I walked about half of the last 3 miles.  I ran out of water and had to stop and refill.  I got dizzy and lightheaded.  My knees burned and ached.  My back hurt.  I think I found my wall…


2 Responses to Shouldn’ta Oughta Did It…

  1. Don’t let this hurt you too badly. We all have tough runs and every once in awhile, you just won’t win one of these battles. That’s OK. The run is behind you and you’ll actually be stronger for living through it.

    On the training side of things, it sounds to me that you went into the run dehydrated and probably ran out of both fuel and water along the way. In one of your other posts, you talk about things giving out about mile 14 – and it sounds to me like you need to eat more during your runs. Try increasing (maybe doubling) the amount of calories that you’re taking in on your runs and drinking more. And you may need to up the amount of carbohydrate in your diet on a daily basis as well. You may have to experiment with other foods than gels to get these calories in. I’m a big fan of the PB&J sandwich and salt foods like potato chips.

    Don’t despair – you’ll get through these challenges. Keep at it.

    Coach Joe

  2. Definitely creamy! 🙂

    Coach Joe


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